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self care ideas for mums

12 Easy Self Care Ideas For Mothers

Looking after ourselves as mums is imperative. We HAVE TO look after ourselves in order to care for others so you should take some time out for yourself each day. Here is a list of 12 easy ideas of how to self care for mothers.

Self care means looking after ourselves in all areas including our health, our social lives, our finances as well as our spirituality. When our needs are well taken care of, we are at a much better place to care for and give to others.

self care ideas for moms

12 easy ideas of how to self care for mothers

1. Keep learning by starting a hobby or interest

Learning new skills prevents us from getting stagnant and bored. Find something that inspires you and set small goals each day to get you motivated towards achieving your bigger goals.

2. Plan activities that you will look forward to

This can include day trips, visiting family, weekends away, holidays or just going somewhere local like a park. Whatever it is that you are interested in, spend time doing enjoyable activities each week.

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3. Speak positive affirmations

Saying positive things about yourself and your life can do wonders for lifting your mood and improving your self esteem. Try doing this daily to achieve a positive mindset.

4. Get adequate sleep

It goes without saying that getting plenty of sleep is good for your health and your energy levels. And every once in a while we all need to catch up on sleep.

As tempting as it is to stay up watching tv or catching up on chores after your kids go to bed, you could be more productive by getting an early night and saving your plans for the next day. Reading a book in bed can also help you to relax and induce sleep.

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5. Have a morning routine before the children wake up

Once you have a habit of waking early, practice meditation first thing after waking. Or, do something productive to set you up for the day.

self care for mothers

6. Try eliminating stress as much as possible

If you identify sources of stress in your life then write down ways in which you can overcome these problems and take action to do so.

If you know you have a lot to do, prioritise tasks and maybe move some for another day/week when you have more time.

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7. Write a gratitude list

The human mind is very powerful. Simply by writing and reading a list of the things you are grateful for and giving thanks before going to sleep, you can immediately move your mind to think happy thoughts that make you feel better. Try making this a daily habit and see if it helps.

8. Have play-dates with your friends who have children

Plan places to go that you will all enjoy such as a playground, a soft play area or local attractions. Socialising is a basic necessity and it can help to prevent stress, anxiety and depression.

9. Exercise often

Once you start doing a little bit of exercise on a regular basis it soon becomes a habit. You could do this in the comfort of your own home or find more enjoyable ways to stay active outside, including going for walks, cycling or gardening.

10. Help others who need it

Science shows that helping others makes us happier. It helps us to connect with people and gives us greater meaning in life. If and when you can, try reaching out to your friends/family and offer a helping hand.

11. Get a balanced diet

You can find a huge range of different recipes on the internet or on Pinterest but try to get a diet with enough complex carbs, vitamins, fibre and protein. Also, remember to drink lots of water as this will keep you well hydrated and reduce tiredness.

12. Get outside

Being out in nature is good for our overall health. It helps to reduce the chances of depression and anxiety and lowers stress levels. Plus, being outside for even just a few minutes a day helps us to get vitamin D to boost our immune system. Try making it a habit to get out each day.

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Put some of these 12 self care ideas into practice

Try implementing some of these self care strategies to your daily routine and see how they make you feel. Just remember that you need to look after yourself to care for others and of course you need to take time for yourself.

You could even schedule some time for you while your children are sleeping or ask your partner/family to help you out.

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