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4moms Mamaroo Review & 6 Top Comparable Baby Swings

You have likely heard about the 4moms Mamaroo and read or heard some reviews already. After all, the Mamaroo is probably the most popular baby swing there ever was. What’s all the fuss about (you may be wondering)?!

Well, I have tried and tested it myself and also analysed it in comparison to some other highly popular baby swings in today’s market. Here is my critique of the 4moms Mamaroo baby swing. Read on to decide for yourself if the Mamaroo is really worth it.

How I Ended Up Getting The Mamaroo

My daughter was born a few weeks before Christmas and so for her first Christmas my partner decided to buy her a 4moms Mamaroo baby swing. We had talked about the swing we owned prior to getting the Mamaroo and how it took up a lot of space in our living room which was already filled with toys that belonged to our 2 year old.

I had a Graco Lovin’ Hug baby swing before getting the Mamaroo and this swing was kindly given to my eldest daughter by her godmother after she no longer needed it. This swing takes batteries and also plugs into a socket, however we never had the plug for it which meant that we had to use D batteries that never seemed to last long.

To say I was thrilled when my baby first sat in the Mamaroo would be an understatement because I knew just how popular it was. I felt like it had to be an amazing swing for my daughter to use because of all the hype it had.

What is the 4moms Mamaroo Swing?

The Mamaroo is a baby swing created by the company 4moms. The price of the swing ranges from around £230-£280. Since its release in 2012, it has been a very popular (if not the most popular) baby swing around the world.

The Mamaroo has a number of features which have made it a hit. These include Bluetooth connection, the unique motions (that emulate hand rocking a baby) and of course, it’s very distinct and stylish appearance.

It has 5 different motions which are: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and wave. It also has 4 different sounds which are: rain, fan, ocean and a heartbeat – these are all sounds that help to soothe babies.

Also included is an axillary port (our swing came with an auxiliary cable too). This allows an MP3 to be connected and music can then be played on the Mamaroo swing (although I have never used this feature as I like the built in sounds that are already part of the Mamaroo).

The swing seat can recline so babies can lie down as well as sit up. There are soft and reversible toys included in the Mamaroo set – these are: a rattle, a mirror and a crinkle ball. The toys hang over the swing on a mobile which babies can reach for when they are big enough. You have to manually spin the mobile around but it would be better if the Mamaroo had a switch to make it spin automatically.

The Mamaroo comes with a plug and so no batteries are required. I liked that we could plug it in and so we wouldn’t need to keep buying batteries. On the whole, the Mamaroo swing is a good size as it’s not too big and doesn’t take much room.

Although the Mamaroo swing is costly compared to other swings, it is very popular and has been for years. Let’s look at some reasons why it is so loved.

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The Advantages Of The Mamaroo Swing

I like that the swing is relatively small and fitted nicely in our living room. I like the look of the Mamaroo which makes me think of some sort of futuristic space craft – definitely, it has a very distinct look and it’s stylish. The swing seat also looks comfortable and is spacious enough for babies to sit in.

The Mamaroo was very easy to assemble – this literally took a few minutes to do. It offers practicality as it’s very easy to operate all the features.

In addition, the seat fabric on the Mamaroo is very easy to take off and is machine washable. All you need to do to remove the seat is to unzip it around the frame and this can be done in a few seconds. The company “4moms” who created the Mamaroo recommend washing the Mamaroo fabric on a cold wash. Personally, I would not put the Mamaroo seat fabric in the tumble dryer as possibly it might damage it.

I like that the Mamaroo has different motions to rock your baby and these are designed to be closely similar to the movement of hand rocking. I also like that the swing plays different variations of white noise sounds and the sound of a heartbeat – all of which are known to soothe babies. The machine itself does not make much noise and so it’s easily tolerable.

Best of all for us was that our daughter liked the swing. At first, she wasn’t so keen on it but after a short period of time it grew on her and she started having short daytime naps in it. Obviously, all babies are different and not all of them will take to it like ours did.

Other Baby Swings That Are Comparable To The Mamaroo

As parents, we want to pick the cream of the crop for our kids and baby swings are no exception to this. So, if you’re wondering what is comparable to the Mamaroo and what swing suits you and your baby best, here I explain.

Below are 3 tables which show a comparison of a few popular baby swings, looking at cost, recommended age of use, weight, dimensions etc. By looking at the tables you can compare the features of the Mamaroo with other highly rated baby swings.

The 6 comparable swings to the Mamaroo are:

Graco Baby Delight Swing

COSTWAY Electric Baby Rocker

Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing

Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing

Graco All Ways Soother Swing

4moms Rockaroo Baby Rocker

You can click any of the swing names above for more information or to make a purchase.

best baby swing

best baby swing uk

What is comparable to the mamaRoo

As you can see, the Mamaroo has a higher price range compared to the other swings in the tables. The Mamaroo does have some cool features like Bluetooth and touchscreen, however so does the lesser priced Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing.

One of the key features of the Mamaroo that makes it so unique is the movements that emulate a hand held rocking motion. The motions of the Mamaroo swing are quite exceptional and incomparable to most other baby swings that only go up and down or side to side.

One negative aspect of the Mamaroo swing is that the newborn insert has to be purchased separately and this usually costs between £20-£40. This adds more cost onto the already expensive swing. The newborn insert however, is not a necessity for a newborn to use the swing but it can make them more comfortable.

In our case, we didn’t purchase a newborn insert as our daughter was already over 1 month old when she first used the swing and so she wouldn’t get much use from it anyway.

Mamaroo vs Rockaroo

4moms Mamaroo
4moms Rockaroo

Both the Mamaroo and the Rockaroo are created by the same company “4moms”. They look quite similar but have a number of distinct differences as mentioned below.

The Mamaroo is bigger in height and weighs more than the Rockaroo (by a difference of 14.1cm and 3.39kg).

There is quite a considerable difference in cost between the Mamaroo (which is priced between £230 – £280) and the Rockaroo (which is priced between £160 – £210). However, for the extra costs of the Mamaroo you will get more features including Bluetooth, touchscreen and the unique motions that are meant to feel like hand rocking.

Though the Mamaroo and the Rockaroo look alike they swing differently as the Mamaroo goes up and down and side to side whereas the Rockaroo goes back and forth like a rocking horse (hence the name).

Mamaroo vs Munchkin

If you are looking for something similar to the Mamaroo but want to spend less, then you can choose to opt for the Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing. This swing has a number of features akin to the Mamaroo but is priced lower.

Some similarities that the Mamaroo and the Munchkin have are that they both include touchscreen display, Bluetooth connection and they both emulate parents natural movements. Unlike the Mamaroo that swings up/down and sideways, the Munchkin only swings side to side.

The Bluetooth connection serves a different purpose for the two swings. While the Bluetooth connection is just to control the settings on the Mamaroo, with the Munchkin you can actually play music via the Bluetooth. If you wanted to play music on the Mamaroo, you will have to connect your MP3 using an auxiliary cable.

The price range of this Munchkin swing ranges from £190-£220 which is less than the price range of the Mamaroo which is £230-£280.

How Long Does The Mamaroo Swing Last?

The Mamaroo swing can be used from birth. The maximum weight it takes is 9-11.3kg (depending on the model). Once a baby can sit up unaided or tries to climb out of the swing then it’s recommended to stop putting your baby in it.

Mamaroo Vs COSTWAY

In comparison to some other swings like the COSTWAY Electric Baby Rocker which lasts up to 12 months (or 9kg), the Mamaroo swing does not have the same longevity of use; this is due to the recommendation to stop using it once a baby can sit up unaided or tries to climb out of the swing. This is quite disappointing considering how much more expensive the Mamaroo is in comparison to the COSTWAY Electric Baby Rocker swing (which retails at between £140 – £170).

The COSTWAY also has Bluetooth connection (which can be used to play music), USB and it comes with a remote control. The movements are limited to just side to side motions unlike the Mamaroo that goes up and down and side to side.

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My Final Verdict. Is the 4moms Mamaroo worth it?

Probably one of the reasons why the Mamaroo swing is higher priced than other baby swings has something to do with the unmatched appearance and motions that it gives. This swing has a unique selling point for this reason as it is unlike any other baby swing on the market (although it looks quite similar to the other 4moms swing named the “Rockaroo”).

The Mamaroo looks sleek and well designed and if you are looking for a swing that’s aesthetically pleasing then the Mamaroo is ideal. Personally, I think there are other swings that are likely just as good as the Mamaroo and are more affordable. As I have already pointed out above, there are also swings that will last longer for your baby.

On the whole however, I am glad that my daughter had the opportunity to use the swing and she enjoyed it. There were times when my daughter was rocked to sleep in the Mamaroo and it had been very useful in our home. I have also spoken to a mum who referred to the swing as a “life saver” for her baby. It’s not to say that it will work well for all babies as all babies are different.

If you want to purchase the Mamaroo, you can click here.

mamaroo 4moms

Would I recommend the 4moms Mamaroo Swing?

I had good experiences of using the Mamaroo and my daughter liked the swing. For any parent that wants to purchase the swing, I would say go for it. However, there are other swings that probably do just as good a job and cost less such as the ones I have mentioned above.

The company 4moms manufacture other products including bassinets, sleep and feeding equipment to name just a few. You can visit their website at 4moms.com for more information about the Mamaroo or to see their full range of products.

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