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baby shower activities that aren't games

18 Baby Shower Activities That Aren’t Games

Read on to access Free Baby Shower Printables To Use At Your Upcoming Baby Shower

Not everybody is into playing games at a baby shower and that’s okay. There are many alternative baby shower ice breakers that don’t involve games.

If you are wondering what you can do at your baby shower to entertain your guests without playing the usual (often lame) games, I’ve got you covered.

Whether you are planning your own baby shower, or you are planning someone else’s, you’re in luck ‘cause I have lots of fun ideas of activities you can do that aren’t games. Plus, I have several FREE PRINTABLES that you can use.

You may have already heard of some of these activities, but I bet you haven’t heard of them all! So, here we go, let’s get into it!

Some (not all) of these baby shower activities are creative and arty. Seeing things that your guests have created themselves gives a more personal and sentimental value to any gifts you receive – so hold on if you’re thinking “I’m not into arty things”, you will love these ideas! There are plenty of choices here of baby shower crafts that you and your guests can create actually at your baby shower.

You will have to pre-plan these activities, and maybe let your guests know what is planned beforehand, so give yourself plenty of time to prepare before the big event takes place.

baby shower arts and crafts activities

1. Piñata For Your Baby Shower

Yes, pinata’s are not just for children. In fact, you can get ones that are specially for baby showers. Having a pinata that your guests can beat for sweets and prizes is not the norm for most people but this can make your baby shower one to remember.

If you like the idea of having a pinata at your baby shower, you can browse the internet and easily find baby shower themed sweets to stuff in your pinata.

Also, instead of giving party favours in the usual way, a pinata can be a more involved way of your guests receiving the party favours. Check out this stork pinata which is ideal for use at a baby shower.

I’m sure a pinata will make your baby shower a hit and one to never forget!

2. Advice And Wishes Cards

You can let your guests each fill out an Advice and Wishes card at your baby shower. This is an activity with huge value because you may receive some of the best advice, tips and comments to help you once your baby is here.

Of course, they can sign their cards so you know who has written what message and you can keep the cards to remember your special day for many years afterwards.

baby shower activities that aren't lame
Here are Advice & Wishes cards and a table sign available for digital download in my shop.

3. Have A Photo Backdrop Or Photo Props

You can hire or purchase a photo backdrop for your baby shower and stand in front of it when you take photos. This creates a lovely, aesthetically pleasing scene in the background of all your photos, making them look professional. Your guests will love to take photos in front of the backdrop to remember your special event.

Backdrops can be quite pricey so if you can’t afford one, you could get some photo props such as these just to entertain your guests and add something special to your photos.

baby shower activity
baby shower activities that aren't games

4. Decorate Your Baby’s Clothes With Paints and Stamps

baby shower things to do

You and your guests could get arty and creative and decorate your baby’s clothes. For example, you could use stamps and paints to decorate their socks or vests. Everyone participating can sign the clothes so you know who’s decorated what.

Just remember that if you plan to use these clothes on your baby, make sure the paints are waterproof and non-toxic.

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5. Create Baby Sensory Bottles And Bags Ready For Your Baby To Play With

Babies love sensory products. They love to look at colourful items, feel different textures, hear different sounds etc. This is why babies just love sensory bottles and bags. Your baby shower guests can create baby sensory bottles and bags ready for your baby to play with once they are a few months old.

If you don’t know what a sensory bottle is, let me explain. In essence, all it is is a plastic bottle that’s filled with different materials that are colourful and attractive to babies.

The purpose of a sensory bottle is so your baby can play with it like a toy, shake it, admire the look of it etc. (just make sure that the lid is glued on tightly before giving it to your baby).

Sensory bottles don’t have to be fancy, you can simply use empty drinking bottles. Alternatively, there are many choices of bottles which you could use as sensory bottles on Amazon.

Here is how to make a sensory bottle using Slime baff.

A sensory bag incorporates the same idea, but instead of using a bottle, you use a bag. Take a look here for some sensory bag ideas.

Some ideas of things you can include in your sensory bottles and bags are:

  • water
  • paint
  • confetti
  • glitter
  • pipe cleaners
  • sticks and stones
  • strings
  • sand
  • colourful pom pom balls

sensory bottle
Here is an image of my baby’s sensory bottle to give you an idea

6. Create Baby Milestone Cards

baby shower crafts

Each of your guests can create one baby milestone card. If you have enough guests attending your baby shower, you could easily have enough baby milestone cards to last and capture many precious moments throughout your baby’s first year.

When it comes to snapping photos of those precious moments, you will be able to look back at everyone’s art and you will always have photos to remember their work by, as the cards will be right next to your baby in their photos.

If you like this idea, I would recommend allocating a certain milestone card to each person, therefore you won’t have multiple cards saying the same thing.

If your guests are not particularly good at drawing, painting, colouring etc. all you need are some stickers or stamps and you all can easily create your own baby milestone cards.

7. Decorate And Sign Some Ready Made Baby Milestone Cards

If you don’t want to create the milestone cards yourselves, you can buy some and each of your guests can simply add their personal touches to them.

They can all sign a milestone card so you know who’s messages you’re reading. The same concept will apply as if you are creating your own milestone cards – you will be able to have photos of everyone’s personal messages right next to your baby on each photo.

milestone cards

These digital download Baby Milestone Cards are available for sale in my shop.

8. Your Guests Can Create Baby Shower Greetings cards

things to do at a baby shower

Your guests may be thinking of buying you a baby shower gift card to congratulate you on your baby and your journey into motherhood. However, you may want to give them the heads up before the event not to bring any baby shower cards and have them create their own at your party.

I mentioned it before – there is something more sentimental about receiving gifts that have been created rather than bought as there is more thought put into it.

9. A Nappy (Diaper) Raffle

If you haven’t heard of a nappy or diaper raffle, I will explain what this is.

Basically, your guests will be asked to bring a pack of nappies of any size to be entered into a raffle at your baby shower. One pack of nappies means that they can enter in the draw.

Whoever is planning the baby shower will be the one who chooses what the prize will be (I have some ideas of prizes that can be given below).

You should let your guests know before the event that you intend on doing a nappy / diaper raffle. Give them plenty of time to buy the nappies. I recommend sending them their raffle ticket at the same time that you send the baby shower invitation.

On the day of your baby shower, they should then bring their tickets as well as the nappies / diapers. Just make sure to bring extra tickets in case anyone forgets theirs at home.

Some ideas of presents to give out in the draw are as follows:

  • Gift cards or money off vouchers
  • Gift baskets of scented candles, chocolates or alcohol
  • Spa retreat tickets
  • Day trip tickets

Below are nappy and diaper raffle tickets that you can send to your guests. Simply right click on the image you want and hit “save image”. You can then print and distribute these out with your baby shower invitations – I have matching invitations for sale here in my shop if you want the invitations to match the raffle tickets.

Make sure people are made aware to bring their tickets to your baby shower along with a pack of nappies.

nappy raffle ticket
diaper raffle ticket

10. Bring A Book Baby Shower Activity

Before hosting your baby shower, you can ask your guests to bring a baby or toddler book instead of a card. In this situation, people will often pick books that they know and even loved as children. This way, you will have some of the best baby books to read to your baby.

Not only can your guests write a personal and lovely message to you in the book they bring, but your little one can enjoy listening to many wonderful stories for years to come.

I personally think this is a fantastic idea for a baby shower activity. You can look back at the sweet messages your guests wrote in the books whenever you read to your baby, and be reminded of the event for many years after they are born.

Here is a book for baby message to send out to your guests. Simply right click on the image, and hit “save image”.

book for baby

11. Baby Prediction Cards

Baby prediction cards are given to guests at a baby shower. The guests then complete the sentences with all their predictions of your baby.

It is a popular choice of activities at baby showers. Such predictions they will make are:- guessing when your baby will be born, what they will weigh, hair colour, their sex etc.

Here is a free Baby Prediction Cards printable to print on A4 and use at your baby shower.

12. A Dropbox Guestbook

Instead of using a traditional baby shower guest book, you can buy a wooden dropbox that comes with tokens that your guests can sign with lovely, heartfelt messages.

After your guests have written on the tokens, they then drop them into the dropbox (as shown below).

You can then keep the dropbox guestbook as a souvenir. It can be hung on a wall in your home and I’m sure it would look great in your baby’s nursery.

13. Make Instant Camera Fridge Magnets

If you’re really into crafting and you happen to have an instant camera, plus you want to try something unique for your baby shower, why not make fridge magnets from your baby shower photos?

You can take photos on the day of your baby shower and develop them instantly with your camera then make creating memorable fridge magnets a super fun activity.

Instead of dishing out party favours at the end of your baby shower, I’m sure your guests would love to keep something that they have created to remind them of your special day. Here is a Youtube video of how to easily create fridge magnets from photos.

baby shower activity

14. Transform Plain Boxes Into Toy Storage Boxes

You will need plenty of storage boxes when your baby arrives as baby products and toys soon mount up.

All you have to do is take some plain boxes (made from plastic, wood or another material) to your baby shower with the purpose of decorating them.

You and your guests can paint the boxes, use markers or create drawings on paper and stick them with tape. You can also add animated stickers or letters that make your baby’s name and really personalise and transform the boxes, making them attractive for your baby’s nursery. Below is an example of how a plain box can be transformed to something more appealing.

baby shower arts and crafts

15. Decorate Balloon Boxes And Keep Them As A Keepsake Box

Quite often, people don’t know what to do with balloon boxes after their baby shower. One option could be to decorate the balloon boxes at the baby shower, using paints, glitter, glue, sequences and stickers etc. and then keep them for storing items in.

By keeping the balloon boxes and using them as a decorative keepsake storage box, you will have plenty of room to keep your memorable photos of not only your baby shower, but of your pregnancy, your baby’s birth and their first years.

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16. Decorate Your Baby’s Nappies / Diapers

You could request that your guests decorate and leave sweet or funny messages on your baby’s nappies / diapers. This means that every time you change your baby after they are born, you get to see a lovely message off one of your friends and family. Make sure the markers are permanent and none toxic such as these.

17. Add Messages To A Canvas

All you need is a plain canvas panel that costs just a few pounds such as these. Make sure it’s big enough to write on, then all your guests can leave their personal messages and signatures on the canvas. Just make sure the markers are permanent and water resistant.

If you want to, you can go the extra mile to personalise the canvas by sticking your ultrasound photo onto the canvas using suitable glue such as mod podge.

18. Create Your Baby’s First Alphabet Book

This is quite a popular activity at a baby shower. You will need to print out a digital alphabet book which you can easily find online. If you plan to use paints to decorate the pages, it’s best to print the alphabet book out on cardstock so the paint doesn’t filter through.

Of course, your guests can sign each page that they decorate. After decorating, to make sure the book lasts, you should laminate each page.

I Hope You Enjoy These Baby Shower Activities That Don’t Include Games

Now, considering a baby shower will only last a couple of hours, you’re not going to have time to do all these activities and no one would expect you to. Pick out 1 or 2, maximum 3 that you like the idea of and I’m sure your guests will love every minute of it.

If you think this post will be helpful to other expecting mama’s, please share!

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