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Baby Toddler Games

30 Must-Try Baby Toddler Games And Activities They Can Do Together

Here I’m giving you 30 fun and entertaining baby toddler games and activities to help your toddler and baby play together. I’m a mum of 2 girls who are 2 years, 5 months apart and I know how challenging it can be trying to divide your time between a baby and a toddler.

These activities will help your baby and toddler to bond and you can easily keep an eye on what they’re both doing, making it easier to manage both.

To keep your toddler and baby both entertained, it’s best trying to get your toddler to participate in activities suitable for your baby. This is because not all activities your toddler does will be suitable for your baby, but your toddler can pretty much do any activity your baby does.

These activities allow fun play and exploration for infants and toddlers from around the age of 6 months which they will both enjoy. There are a combination of indoor and outdoor age appropriate activities for infants and toddlers from the time your infant starts sitting up and moving. You can also incorporate these activities into a baby playdate.

baby playdate

30 must-try baby toddler games and activities

1.Build a train set

Build a train with a baby toddler train set that includes building blocks.

2. Reading books

Read a book to them both and talk about what you see. Here are some of the best books for babies.

3. Water play baby toddler games

Try different kinds of water play suitable for babies and toddlers.

4. Walking in nature

Go for a walk and get some fresh air. You can discuss the different things you see in nature such as birds, leaves, trees and animals.

5. Have fun at the playground

Visit a playground. Once your baby can sit upright and support their head well, they can gently be rocked on a swing. Just make sure you follow playground safety guidance.

6. Build blocks and knock them down

Your baby and toddler can build big baby blocks together and knock them down, strengthening their fine and gross motor skills.

7. Bathing together

Once your baby is strong enough to sit upright on their own, they can take a bath with their older sibling and play with bath toys. Here is what you need know on how to safely manage bath time with a baby and toddler.

8. Let them play with a baby play tent

Give a baby play tent a go and you can use this either indoors or outdoors. You can fill the tent with balls so it becomes a ball pit and your baby and toddler will love crawling in and out.

infant toddler activities

9. Join a baby toddler group

Attend a baby and toddler group near you. Just Google what’s available in your local area.

10. Have a picnic

Take a picnic at your local park or in your back garden. Both your baby and toddler will love eating alfresco.

11. Playing musical instruments

Your baby and toddler can play toy musical instruments together. You can get them some baby toy drums, shakers, bells or a xylophone and they can form a band.

12. Stick some foam to windows activity

Allow your baby and toddler to stick foam to windows simply with water. You can either buy foam shapes, numbers and letters or make your own but just make sure the pieces are big so your baby can’t swallow them.

baby activities for 1 year old

13. Roll and catch balls

Your baby and toddler can roll and catch balls to each other to practice their aim.

14. Play with an activity cube

Let them both play with a wooden activity cube for a simple and educational Montessori activity.

15. Visit an indoor play area

Go to an indoor play area for babies and toddlers where they have lots of toys for both.

16. See animals at a farm

Visit a farm and see animals together. You can talk about the animals you see and the noises they make.

17. Practice drawing

If your baby is close to 12 months, you can have them practice drawing with some baby safe washable markers or crayons and your toddler can join in.

activities for babies 9-12 months

18. Story telling with finger puppets

Add more fun and imagination to story telling by using finger puppets to bring your story to life. These are also great for doing actions to nursery rhymes.

toddler story time

19. Have a sensory bin

Create a sensory experience for your infant and toddler with a sensory bin. These are much loved by young children and it allows them to get a little messy with their fingers.

20. Dance to movement songs

Put on some movement songs and your baby and toddler can dance along together. By joining in and pointing to different parts of your body (following the songs), this will help your baby and toddler to learn parts of their body.

21. Try a spaghetti pull activity

Your baby and toddler can do a spaghetti pull activity which will strengthen their fine motor skills.

22. Play with coloured spaghetti

Make some different coloured spaghetti that your baby and toddler can play with as a sensory activity. You can also hide toys in a tray of spaghetti and ask your toddler and baby to find them.

23. Try baby safe finger paints

Your little ones can finger paint with this simple edible finger paint recipe.

toddler things to do

24. Create an obstacle course

Create an obstacle course with cushions and pillows that your baby and toddler can crawl over to get to the other side.

25. Play with bubbles

Play with bubbles. You can either blow bubbles using a bubble wand or try a bubble machine. Your baby and toddler will both enjoy chasing and popping the bubbles together.

26. Stack toys

Stack toys together with a baby stacking toy set.

27. Play a game of peek a boo

Play peek a boo. You and your toddler can take it in turns hiding and going “peek a boo” to your baby.

28. Pom pom activities

Try this pom pom activity with your baby while your toddler sorts the pom poms into colours.

29. Hide and seek objects

Have your toddler hide an object under a plastic cup and see if your baby can find it. You can also use a blanket to cover the object.

30. Play with a shape sorter game

Your baby and toddler can sort shapes with a shape sorter game. This will introduce a variety of shapes and colours to your baby.

baby toddler activities

Have a good time with these activities for your infant and toddler

These activities will help your baby and toddler with learning and using their creativity. I hope you enjoy these baby toddler games and activities. Share this post if you know other parents looking for ways to entertain their baby and toddler.

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