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places to have a babyshower

20 Baby Shower Venue Ideas To Inspire You

Are you stuck for ideas of where to host a baby shower? Well if so, you’re in the right place, because I am covering 20 inspiring baby shower venues to host your baby shower – whether you want to hire a venue or choose one for free.

Plus, in this post, I will give you some free activities to use at your baby shower. Firstly, I’ll explain exactly what is a baby shower and what is usually expected when hosting one.

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a celebration to welcome a new baby into the world and to bless the mother who’s carrying the baby. It is usually celebrated in the third trimester, after the mum is 6 months into her pregnancy.

Baby showers are not anything new. They have been in practice around the world for centuries but have changed over time.

Traditionally, only friends and family of the mum-to-be would attend a baby shower. However, recently father’s have been part of the celebration too and some even invite their friends to the event.

Here is What is expected at a baby shower

At a baby shower, people often play baby and mum related games. An example of one is the “baby bottle chug game” where the guests compete to see who can drink out of a baby bottle the fastest. Small prizes can be given to the winner of these games.

Usually at baby showers, the guests give presents to the parents to be. A baby registry / baby wish list can be completed by the mum-to-be before the shower; this can then be given to the guests if they are wondering what presents to buy for the mum-to-be or the baby. Here is a list of what to and not to include when completing your baby registry / baby wish list.

Food is usually served at a baby shower and often the food is a buffet. There are desserts given to the guests and often these can include cupcakes or a big cake that is divided between all of the guests.

Most of the time, the host of a baby shower will choose a theme of the celebration and then tailor the decorations around this particular theme.

Photo booth props and backdrops can be purchased that reflect the theme of the occasion. If the mum to be knows the sex of her baby then colours can be chosen that purposely reflect the sex, e.g. blue if it’s a boy or pink if it’s a girl.

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places to have a babyshower

Who pays for the baby shower?

Whoever is hosting the baby shower can pay or the cost can be divided up between some of the guests if they agree. Parents can also choose to host their own baby shower and cover the costs (or ask family and friends to contribute with what they can afford).

Plan the baby shower a minimum of 2 months in advance

Popular baby shower venues will be booked out early so you want to book your party well in advance. In order to give plenty of time for people to respond to the invitations and everything to be planned to a tee, it’s best to start planning the baby shower at least 2 months in advance.

Think about the type of party or celebration you want. Would you like a baby shower that is quiet with just a few guests or would you prefer a big bash with lots of people and music?

Baby showers are held at different venues

Baby showers are still often held at the home of the mum-to-be or whoever is hosting the celebration. However, more commonly these days, baby showers are being held in different venues as people are choosing more unique places to throw a baby shower.

baby shower location ideas

How to pick the right baby shower venue: 11 Things you must consider

To make sure you don’t miss any crucial details when picking a venue to hire for a baby shower, here are 11 things you must consider firstly.

1. Calculate your budget firstly

Probably the first thing you should think about is how much the budget is. What can you realistically afford to pay for the entire baby shower? Factor in the cost of the party invitations, decorations, party game equipment, transport to and from the venue and food and beverages etc. Once you know how much all this costs, you can think about how much you have left for the venue.

2. Calculate number of guests

Think about how many people are coming to the baby shower. You will need to select a venue that can accommodate all of the guests without it being crowded. When thinking about the guests you want to invite, think if this would also include couples and children.

3. Indoors or outdoors?

Do you want the venue indoors or outdoors? Think about the time of year and what the weather will be like. If you opt for an outdoor baby shower then you will need to have some roofing just in case it rains.

4. Length of time you want to book the venue for

How long do you need to have the venue for? You will need to decorate the venue beforehand (or hire someone to do this).

5. What does the venue booking include?

What is included in the venue you are thinking of booking? For example, does it include table and chairs or will you need to bring your own (bare in mind that this will likely be expensive and a lot of work).

6. Check the policies of the venue

Check the policies around hiring the venue, for example, will they let you decorate the venue how you plan to? Consider if you can you take your own food and drinks to the venue if you plan to. Also, if you are choosing to serve alcohol, check that this is accepted by whoever is in charge of the venue.

7. Check transport links to and from the venue

Think about the location of the venue and whether it’s easy for your guests to get to. Things you should ask yourself are whether there are good transport links to the venue.

8. Are there enough parking spaces?

Does the venue have enough parking spaces for all the guests?

9. How easy is the venue to access for everyone?

Think of accessibility and whether it would be easy for everyone to access the venue. For example, is there easy disability access or is it too far to walk from the car park?

10. Pick a venue that compliments your baby shower theme

You want to pick a venue that complements your baby shower theme. For example, if you are having a farm animal theme then you may want to have a venue that is in a country location.

11. Check the reviews of the venue

Always check the reviews before you choose a venue to see if it has a good track record.

20 inspiring places to have a baby shower

Here is a list of 20 ideal settings to host yours or your friend’s baby shower.

baby shower venue near me

1. Picnic on the beach

You could soak up the sun and sand and enjoy the beautiful sounds of the waves at the beach if there is one close to you.

This will be free of charge but you will need to take everything with you. Unlike some places that you hire out, you will not have access to tables, chairs, dessert stands and other necessary equipment at the beach.

2. At Home Or In Your Back Garden

You can’t get much more of a private baby shower than having one in your own home or back garden. It’s cheaper than hiring somewhere out but it means that you or your guests will have to clean and tidy up afterwards.

If you’re in your back garden and it starts raining, it’s easy to then move the party inside your home. You could also rent a tent or marquee to keep the food and your guests sheltered in case it rains. If you decide to host your baby shower at home, you may need to borrow some chairs and tables depending on your guest count.

3. At a friend’s or family member’s house

It’s very common for baby showers to be hosted at a friend’s or family member’s house. Maybe you have a friend who can offer more room to accommodate your guests and so it makes sense having the party at their house rather than yours.

4. At a community centre or village hall

You can have a look in your area and see if there are any community centres nearby that you can hire for a few hours. If you or your guests have close ties to a community centre you may even be able to get to hire the venue for free.

The chances are that you will have to provide all the decorations and catering if hosting a baby shower in a community centre or village hall. You will also have to clean and tidy up after the event has finished and leave the hall exactly how it was before you hired it.

5. In a restaurant

The good thing about hosting your baby shower at a restaurant is that you won’t have to prepare the food or tidy up and clean dishes afterwards. Maybe the restaurant staff can even supply the decorations for you.

The downside to choosing a restaurant is that you may be limited to how much you can decorate the venue. There may be limitations on what decorations are allowed, for instance, they may not allow you to use confetti and you may not be able to put decorations on the restaurant walls.

6. At a tearoom

You will not need to hire tables and chairs if choosing to host your baby shower at a tea room as these should be already available. Plus, food and drinks will be available so no need to self-cater or hire anyone for this.

7. A virtual baby shower

It could be handy to host a virtual baby shower if your guests live far away and it’s hard for them to attend an in person event. Virtual baby showers have actually been popular since 2020 due to social distancing rules.

A virtual baby shower can be done over Zoom. This would allow all the guests to be able to see each other. Although the event is on the computer, you can still find some baby shower games which are suitable to be played this way.

If you choose to host a virtual baby shower, you can also send e-invitations (that can be created on a variety of different websites) and sent via email. Party favours and game accessories will have to be sent by post.

With a virtual baby shower, you won’t be able to take photos in the same way as you would normally but at least you can record the shower for a keepsake.

8. A Woodland baby shower venue

If you want to go for a woodland themed baby shower then you could set the ambience right by renting a lodge or cabin for a night somewhere in a woodland location.

With a lodge you will likely get designated nearby parking, indoor and outdoor furniture, a hob, oven, wifi and maybe even a swimming pool or a hot tub (although the mum-to-be will be limited with what facilities she can use).

9. A spa baby shower

This is ideal for a small guest count baby shower. You could book a massage therapist and a manicurist to come to your home or you could hire out a spa retreat for a few hours and make use of the facilities they have there (although the mum-to-be will be limited with what facilities she can use).

10. Drive by baby shower

With a drive by baby shower, there is no need to consider baby shower room rentals at all. These have become more popular over the past few years due to social distancing rules.

A drive by baby shower is where the guests drive to the hosts home (quite often this would be the parents to be). The guests stop for a little bit, have snacks and photos with the mum-to-be before driving off again.

The host can prepare little party favours for the guests to take with them. Photos can be taken of the parents to be and the guests, however there are no options for playing party games.

11. A sports club

Sports clubs often have suites available to hire out for parties. There is usually a bar and bartenders to serve you and your guests. Table and chairs are usually included. Some sports clubs have catering available but you may have to provide your own.

Sports clubs are suitable if you have a lot of guests attending your baby shower as you will have a designated room for the occasion.

12. At a park

A baby shower in a park costs nothing and it’s a great option if you want to be outside for your baby shower. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery that the park offers and you may even have a lake nearby.

Choosing to host your baby shower at a park means you will have to supply everything, including chairs, tables, a marquee (in case it rains), cutlery etc. You should also check with the park owner whether a permit is needed and you may have to reserve a designated spot for the special day.

13. On a farm or at a barn

Farms animals are a popular theme for a baby shower at the moment. If you choose to have a farm animal theme then you will want a venue that matches this.

There are some family run farms that allow people to hire out fields for a celebration and you may see some farm animals which will go well with your party arrangements.

If you have kids attending your baby shower, then I’m sure they will love a farm venue. Also, you and your guests could take some amazing photos with the beautiful landscapes as a backdrop.

14. Poolside

If you decide on having a water related theme like one under the sea, then you could choose a pool location to hire for your baby shower.

You could get rubber floats that match your theme and maybe play water related baby shower games in the pool.

15. At a hotel function room

Hotels often have private function rooms that are available for many different occasions such as wedding parties, birthday’s or baby showers.

The hotel may have a garden for you to access for beautiful photo-shoots. Catering, tables and chairs should also be included.

Picking a hotel function room may be a great option if you have lots of guests to attend your baby shower.

16. In a ballroom

This will likely be more on the expensive side but if you want a venue that is elegant and luxurious then a ballroom would be perfect. Ballrooms often have the characteristics and designs of beautiful period features that go back decades.

Always check what is included before hiring a ballroom as different venues will have different things included in their cost.

17. Host a baby shower at a Botanic Garden

Enjoy natures beauty by hosting your baby shower in a botanic garden where you can be surrounded by stunning flowers, plants, glasshouses and garden features.

There are some botanic gardens that can be hired specially for a party or event such as a baby shower. If you like this idea then check if there is a botanic garden in your area.

18. School or university hall

Yes, some schools and universities allow the public to rent out their facilities for parties during evenings and weekends when they are closed. Have a look online to see what school or university halls are available in your area and what you will get for the cost.

19. Hire a room in a B and B

If you are planning to have a small number of guests at your baby shower, you could book a B and B room for the night. The B and B restaurant will cover the catering if you tell them what you want so you won’t have to spend time preparing food and cleaning up afterwards.

20. Beach apartment

If you rent out a beach apartment for your baby shower, you could enjoy more than just a couple of hours of the celebration. Plus, you will have access to a kitchen and cooker to help you to prepare for the event.

Hiring a beach apartment for the night will give you plenty of time to set everything up before the baby shower celebration. Bare in mind that some beach apartments have a minimum number of more than one night to book for.

And that’s the list of baby shower venues to inspire you

While you are planning your special celebration, you may want to add some baby shower activities on the list of things to do. I have a whole list of activities to do at your baby shower here.

Feel free to help yourself to some fantastic freebies below. Just right click and save them to your downloads. You can get a matching baby shower invitation from my shop here.

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I wish you a fantastic baby shower! Hopefully this list has given you some inspiring ideas of where to host a baby shower for yourself or your friend / family member. Let me know which of these you chose for your baby shower venue in the comments box below.

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