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Christmas Bucket List Ideas For Kids And The Family

As Christmas approaches, many people start to prepare their Christmas Bucket List. Christmas Christmas Christmas! If there’s one time of the year when you get to act like a kid – it’s at Christmas 🙂

Although Christmas is a time for the whole family to get involved, as parents we can sometimes overlook activities that are loved by our children.

This Christmas bucket list was created to help you remember those activities you can do with your children during the festive period – here are some Christmas game ideas, Christmas activities for kids and Christmas art crafts to try too.

Here is a Christmas bucket list of activities that families with young children might consider:

1) Create your own Christmas cards

Christmas cards help to maintain family and friend relationships over the festive period as it’s a thoughtful way of showing you care. To save money on Christmas cards, you can make your own using materials from around the home.

Or, if you want to get very creative you can buy materials such as colourful cards, pens, glitter, glue, stencils (and whatever else you choose to make the Christmas cards with).

2) Create salt dough Christmas Tree ornaments

You could make a play doh tree that could be used to decorate your actual Christmas tree. These are otherwise known as salt dough ornaments and here is a simple, easy to follow method on how to make them at home.

baked dough christmas tree ornament

3) Baking Christmas cookies

Using Christmas cookie cutters, you can bake Christmas cookies of different shapes and sizes and have your toddler help you with such tasks like kneading the cookie dough. You can also leave some cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

christmas activities

4) Have a Christmas Film marathon

Kids absolutely love Christmas films and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit is there than watching a popular Christmas film? Better still, have a Christmas film marathon!

5) Visiting Santa Claus

Take your little children to a trip to visit Santa Claus and have a family photo with Santa while you are there.

6) Sing Christmas carols and Christmas themed songs

A Christmas bucket list is not complete without Christmas carols and Christmas-themed songs! To get in the Christmas mood you can sing carols together as a family.

7) Visit local Christmas Events

These can include local Christmas markets where there are stalls selling either food, clothing or toys. Have a look what events are being held in your area.

8) Christmas tree decorating

Christmas tree decorating is both fun and satisfying. Decorate your Christmas tree with lights, baubles, ornaments and tinsel all over! To save money you can even make your own Christmas decorations together as a family.

Christmas kids activity

9) Go Carolling

You can sing Christmas carols at markets, concerts and other Christmas events.

10) Make popcorn strings

Popcorn strings can be used as a Christmas tree garland or a Christmas-themed party decoration. Like tinsel, Christmas popcorn strings are very popular decorations for trees and other Christmas decors. Here is how to make a string popcorn decoration.

11) Watch Christmas lights Being Switched on

Get into the Christmas spirit by watching the Christmas lights being switched on in your community. Your kids will love it!

christmas lights

12 Create a Christmas treasure hunt

A Christmas treasure hunt is a fun activity that is suitable for toddlers and young children. In fact, Christmas treasure hunts are an exciting activity for children of all ages to take part in and it will keep them entertained for a good while.

All you need to do is simply give clues to your children of where they can find Christmas treats around your home or in the garden and let them find these.

13) Do some Christmas colouring

Christmas colouring pages are available online and can easily be printed off. They are the perfect activity for toddlers and young children because it does not require too much concentration, patience or precision.

14) Hang Christmas stockings

Your Christmas stockings can be hung from the Christmas tree or above the fireplace ready for Santa to fill them with goodies including crackers, chocolates, toys and fruit.

christmas stockings

15) Play Indoor Christmas games

Christmas board games and party games are perfect activities for the family during the festive period. Christmas-themed quiz questions, Christmas bingo sheets and charades can also be played as a family.

16) Make a gingerbread house together as a family

Making gingerbread houses is a Christmas tradition for many families and it encourages families to bond and spend time together. Here is a Gingerbread House recipe that is easy to follow or you can buy one from a supermarket.

christmas gingerbread house

17) Read Christmas poems together as a family

Christmas poems encourage children to develop their Christmas vocabulary and learn about the origins of Christmas. Here is a list of Christmas poems and readings suitable for the whole family.

18) Write a letter to Santa Claus

Children who write letters to Santa Claus will cherish their Christmas memories. These letters to Santa can then be posted in Christmas mailboxes.

letter to santa

19) Give your children an early Christmas present

Children love early presents, so why not make it a family tradition to give your little ones an early Christmas present to enhance the excitement of Christmas.

20) Watch a Christmas show

See if there are any Christmas pantomimes, Christmas plays or musicals in your local area. This will no doubt get your kids excited for Christmas.

21) Play in the snow

Grab your Christmas sleds or make a snowman in the snow! Christmas activities like these are perfect family bonding experiences and they leave great memories for the kids.


22) Give to others at Christmas time

Christmas is all about giving and sharing! Christmas generosity can be practiced by donating Christmas presents to children who are less fortunate than us, giving Christmas food to the homeless and clothes to those in need.

Christmas donation

23) Make a Christmas wish for your family

Make a Christmas wish to add some magic into your life! Your Christmas wish can come true if you believe in the magic of Christmas.

24) Host a Christmas party!

Christmas parties are great activities for families to take part in together. Christmas themed games like pass the parcel, charades, bingo and Christmas quizzes are perfect party activities for children of different ages.

25) Go Ice skating as a family

Ice skating is Christmas fun for the whole family. You can enjoy ice skating at Christmas themed rinks or ice skating facilities during the holiday time.

Enjoy these Family Christmas activities

I hope you find this list of 25 ideas for family Christmas activities fun. And if it’s not too much to ask, please share the post on social media and let me know your favourite activity!

If there are any other Christmas crafts or games that you think should be added to the list, leave a comment below. Merry Christmas!

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