Working Mum’s, You’re Doing Great!

You’re caring, you’re nurturing and you have all the right qualities of being a great mother. It’s difficult managing all aspects of modern day life as parents. It can seem like an impossible task as so much is expected of us – both at work and at home. I’ve been there and I can completely relate.

I’ll be honest, it was hard for me to return back to work after the maternity leave of my eldest daughter. It took time for me to overcome the working mum guilt, but I did. What really helped me out were the following things that I will mention below and hopefully this information will also help anyone who needs to hear it.

Most of us have heard of “working mum guilt” – this is something that still affects so many mother’s worldwide and it is a real issue. It does also affect working father’s too, although we talk about it affecting mother’s more because this is the reality.

First off, remember that no one is perfect

Yes, it’s true that no one is perfect so you shouldn’t worry about trying to be the “perfect mum” because there is no such thing. As mother’s, we have a natural instinct to want to always be there for our children and protect them. But, realistically it is not possible for us to always physically be with our children.

One thing we should not feel guilty about is being away from our children when working or doing other important tasks. We are ultimately doing it for them!

Children grow and develop by being with other people

An important thing to remember is that children need to get used to being around other people, fact! Spending time with other people will develop their social skills and encourage their independence away from us.

In the long run, seeing more of other people helps children to acquire the skills needed to build relationships and broaden their knowledge of the world. Spending time at nursery helps their development and can increase their creativity with games and activities that help them to learn.

happy child in nursery

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Quality outweighs quantity

Research has shown that quality time with our children far outweighs the quantity of time. Spend your free time together doing things which you will all enjoy rather than forcing yourself to enjoy something you just know you can’t. Trust me, your children will love the activities you do together more if you’re enjoying them too.

We also shouldn’t feel guilty if we don’t spend every minute of our time doing activities with our children. It helps to build their independence when they are encouraged to play by themselves while supervised by us.

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What statistics show About How Much Time We Now Spend With Our Kids

The fact is that statistically on average, we as parents actually spend more time with our children now than our ancestors did in their generation. This is because technology has made daily life tasks far quicker and easier to complete which frees up some of our time. So, it’s probably likely that you are spending more quality time with your children than what you actually think.

The conclusion – Enjoy every moment!

So, the bottom line is that both mum’s and dad’s who work should not feel guilty when we know that we’re working to give our kids the best life. A study done in America shows that there have been no common effects on children’s behaviours or academic achievements over recent decades since more parents have been working.

What’s the most important thing is that our children are happy and healthy (physically and emotionally). Feeling guilty and sad only robs us of the joys of motherhood and the happiness of spending time with our children.

returning to work after maternity leave

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