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Home-Made Finger Strumming Cup Instrument

Here’s a really simple musical cup instrument craft suitable for toddlers and preschoolers (with maybe just a little help required from an adult).

You will need just a small number of items for this instrument. Afterwards, you will be able to strum the elastic band like a guitar string.

What You Need To Make This Cup Instrument:

  • A paper cup
  • Duct tape or sticky tape
  • A rubber band or an elastic bobble
  • Anything to decorate your cup instrument such as felt tip pens, beads or buttons (optional)
  • If you plan on sticking decorative items on your instrument such as beads or buttons, then you will need some double sided sticky tape.

Here is the method for creating this instrument:

Step 1

Fit the elastic band or bobble around the middle of the cup lengthways (see the image above if needed).

Step 2

Stick duct tape or sticky tape on both sides of the paper cup to secure the band in place.

Step 3

This is an optional step where you can decorate the strumming instrument however you choose to.

Step 4

Now you can strum your cup instrument and make a lovely melody.

And now you know how to make a finger strumming cup instrument. How did you and your little one find this craft? Let me know in the comments below.

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