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32 Genius Hacks When Having Your First Baby

These 32 genius hacks will help you massively when having your first baby as they have done for me. And even if it’s your second, third or fourth baby, it doesn’t matter as these baby hacks will make life easier for any parent to a baby.

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Here are baby hacks, tips and tricks I wish I new when I had my first baby

1. Use white noise to soothe your baby to sleep… and don’t be afraid to turn the volume up

Not only does white noise help babies to relax and drift off to sleep, but it also helps to drown out any background noise which means that they sleep for longer periods. You can test what level of volume suits your baby at any time by simply adjusting the white noise machine.

2. You can weigh your baby at home with your usual scales

Of course, you can choose to go to a clinic to get your baby weighed but it’s super easy to do it yourself at home. All you need to do is weigh yourself first, then weigh yourself carrying your baby when they are undressed. Then simply deduct your weight from the weight of you and your baby and that will tell you how much your baby weighs.

3. Use an over the door baby storage organiser

To save room and keep all your baby equipment organised and in one place, use an over the door baby storage organiser. These are so great that I have 3 in my house and use them for other things besides baby stuff.

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4. Take your baby’s onesie off the easy way when they have a nappy explosion

The top of baby’s onesies are elasticated and stretchy which makes them easy to slide off your baby’s shoulders and down to their feet. This prevents you from having to lift the dirty onesie over your baby’s head after they have a poo explosion.

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5. Petroleum jelly works great as nappy barrier cream

It’s good at preventing and helping to treat nappy rash. Plus, it’s super cheap to buy!

6. Take out baby wipes before starting to change your baby’s soiled nappy

It can be hard to get baby wipes out of the packet when holding your baby’s legs up to change them. Therefore, I recommend taking out several wipes (around 6) and place them in 2’s to make them thicker, then wipe. This method usually makes nappy changes much quicker and less messy. Any clean wipes you have left over, put them back in the packet.

7. Baking soda can help to clear nappy rash

By adding two tablespoons of baking soda in your baby’s bath and keeping your baby in the bath for 10 minutes, it can help their rash to heal.

8. Easy ways to track which side to breastfeed on

One easy way to know which breast to feed your baby on next is to feel which is heavier or harder. Or, you can simply put a bracelet on either your left or right wrist to indicate which side to breastfeed on next (this will be opposite to the one you last fed on).

9. Swaddle your baby from birth

Swaddling babies from birth can comfort them, keep them snug and help to settle them to sleep. Once you have a swaddle blanket, you can learn how to swaddle your baby, or get a Velcro swaddle wrap to make it quick and easy. For safety reasons, it is advised that you stop swaddling before your baby starts rolling over (or at 3 months).

10. Use a sleeping bag

When your baby can no longer use swaddle blankets because they are past 3 months old, get them a sleeping bag. These are warm, comfortable and they wrap around your baby, similar to swaddle blankets. They also can’t come off your baby easily when they move in their sleep, making them more comfortable throughout the night.

11. Laughs and massage help your baby get to sleep

Laughing with your baby before bed time can help them to relax and clear away any stresses from the day. You can also give them a baby foot massage to help them to unwind before bedtime.

12. Always take spare clothes out with you

Carry spare clothes in your baby bag everywhere you go as they may come in handy when your baby gets messy from either eating or having a leaky nappy.

13. Store items for your baby both upstairs and downstairs

Have clean clothes, fresh nappies and baby wipes both upstairs and downstairs as you may require these at anytime when your baby gets messy and you won’t have to keep going up and down the stairs.

14. Try to keep a sleep routine once your baby is a few months old

This will help their body clock to naturally fall into a habit of going to sleep at a certain time. And with this routine, try not to let your baby nap within 2 hours before their bed time as they may not want to sleep at night.

15. Buy nappies a size up

Always keep a packet of nappies in the next size up so you have them handy when your baby needs to move up a size.

16. How to limit baby’s salt intake

When your baby starts eating solids, you should try to give them food with no added salt. My advice would be to batch cook food with no added salt and freeze them in containers so you always have baby food prepared. Or, you can buy ready made baby food if you’re pushed for time.

17. Bath your baby after they do a poo

Always try to give your baby a bath after they have just done a poo because the warm bath water can make them want to go. In fact, a warm bath is recommended for babies who are constipated as it helps to relax their muscles including intestinal muscles, making it easier for them to poo.

18. Teething gel is a must

You may be able to tell the signs when your baby is teething because they can get upset more easily, especially at meals and bed times. They may also be drooling more, rubbing their ears and chewing things excessively. These are some of the signs that your baby is teething. I’ve had good experience of using the Ashtons and Parsons teething gel with both my daughter’s and I highly recommend it.

19. Have your baby’s clothes prepared in the next size up

Babies grow fast and you won’t believe how quickly they outgrow their clothes. By preparing their clothes in the next size up, you will be ready when you realise that their outfits are getting a bit too snug.

20. Use baby wardrobe dividers

Using baby wardrobe dividers helps to organise your baby’s wardrobe according to their size. This makes it so easy to find outfits by size and see which items of clothing you need to buy for their next size up.

21. Get a travel cot for when your baby outgrows their Moses basket or bassinet

Travel cots last much longer than Moses baskets and bassinets and in fact, most of them can be used from birth. Keeping a travel cot in your living room for your baby to nap in during the day means they can stay close to you in the daytime. Travel cots are also lightweight and easy to move when you’re travelling on holiday with a baby. They are multi-purpose as they can be used as a playpen, providing a safe environment if you need your baby to stay in once place for a short period.

22. Fill up your baby bag after every trip out of the house

This takes the pressure off trying to fill up your baby bag before each trip out.

23. Distract your baby at every change

When your baby starts moving around, at every nappy change you should give them a toy to distract their attention. It doesn’t even have to be a toy, just anything they can play with that keeps them still long enough for you to change their dirty nappy.

24. Save time washing breast pump equipment

If you’re pumping breast milk, then store the pump equipment in the fridge immediately after a pumping session to avoid having to wash the equipment after every use. Washing your breast pump equipment after every other use, will cut the amount of washing time in half.

25. Clip your baby’s finger and toe nails when they are sleeping

It’s hard to get a baby still for long enough to clip their nails when they are awake. It’s best doing it while they are sleeping to avoid any accidents.

26. Use absorbent nappy changing mats

These nappy changing mats are truly amazing! You will never have to worry about any leaks on furniture when using these because they instantly absorb any accidents during a nappy change. After an accident, you can then put them in the washing machine to be cleaned.

27. Wash poo stained clothes straight away

When your baby gets poo on their clothes, wash it out straight away to prevent their clothes from permanently staining.

28. Get suction plates and bowls when your baby starts eating solids

Suction plates and bowls stick to your baby’s highchair so they can’t easily be knocked over by your baby while they are eating.

29. Baby wipes are your saving grace

After having your first baby, you will quickly find that baby wipes are fantastic and multi-purpose. You will wonder how you ever lived without them as they can be used for cleaning up almost anything. Baby wipes also don’t have the chemicals found in many other cleaning products so they are safe to use around your home.

30. Have something with your scent next to your baby while they sleep

All you have to do is rub your baby’s blanket against your skin before settling them down to sleep. This will leave your scent on their blanket which will make them feel like you’re with them.

31. Use 2 waterproof mattress protectors on your baby’s bed at night

You’re bound to get times when your baby’s nappy leaks during night and the last thing you want is to start changing bed sheets when you’re half asleep. Therefore, I would recommend having 2 waterproof mattress protectors on your baby’s bed with a fitted sheet on top of each one, so you can just remove the top sheet and protector and have clean ones underneath.

32. To save energy and time, shop online

Doing shopping for baby items can be a lot when you buy big boxes of baby wipes and large packs of nappies. So, to make it easier on yourself do the shopping online.

And those are my top 32 genius hacks when having your first baby

I hope these baby hacks help you as much as they have helped me. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if these baby hacks really helped to make your life easier. Also, share this post if you believe it can benefit other parents.

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