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5 Homemade Musical Instruments For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Looking for a fun and quick musical instrument craft? I’ll show you 5 homemade musical instruments that toddlers and preschoolers can create in just 5 minutes or less (with a little help from an adult).

Of course, children of any age can join in with making these homemade musical instruments. However, these instruments are so easy to create, that even the littlest hands can get on board with making these.

How playing musical instruments benefits young children

By playing musical instruments, toddlers and preschoolers are learning and developing in a number of ways.

  1. Playing instruments helps to strengthen their fine and gross motor skills, hand eye coordination and it supports their sensory development as they begin to understand the different sounds instruments make.
  2. When toddlers and preschoolers begin playing musical instruments, they start understanding the cause and effect of how they use the instruments. For example, hitting a drum softly will make a quieter sound than hitting a drum hard.
  3. By following your beats, your child will also develop skills in being able to follow rhythmic patterns.

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Here are 5 easy to make musical instruments

After making these instruments, you can start your own family band at home and I’m sure you’ll all love singing and dancing along to the music.

1. Make A Guiro Toilet Paper Roll Instrument

A guiro is a musical instrument that is used with a stick that scrapes along a rough texture to produce a ratchet sound. This is a simple musical instrument to make and it uses only a few items around your home.

instrument craft

2. Home-Made Paper Cup Drums

Turn an unused paper cup and some straws into a little drum set with this instrument craft.

paper cup drums

3. Home-Made Paper Cup Shakers

You can create a set of shakers that make different kinds of sounds just by putting different dried foods inside these paper cup shakers.

paper cup shakers

4. Make Your Own Bottle Shaker

Recycle an empty bottle into a fun and decorative shaker such as the one pictured below.

how to make your own shaker

5. Home-Made Finger Strumming Cup Instrument

For any guitar lovers, why not create a fun strumming instrument with a cup and an elastic band.

Cup instrument

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