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How To Do A Baby Foot Massage To Promote Sleep

In this post I’m going to explain how to give an effective baby foot massage that will help your baby to sleep more easily. I have learned these techniques from mother and baby groups that I have attended in the past. Giving infant massage can help a baby to wind down before bed or before a nap.

Why you should massage your baby’s feet

Like other forms of massage, there are so many benefits to massaging your baby’s feet. Not only does it help your baby to rest and sleep better but it helps with bonding, boosts their immune system, improves blood circulation and stimulates oxytocin which can help to relieve pain.

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Preparing for the foot massage

Okay, before beginning the massage you have to prepare. You will need some fragrance free oil or moisturiser – petroleum jelly or pure Shea butter are great choices. If your baby has very sensitive skin then maybe get something prescribed by their doctor that you can use for their massage.

You can dim the lights, get some towels and lie your baby on a towel. You should begin the massage at a time when your baby is fully awake and feeling content and happy.

baby ready for massage

Before you begin the massage, ask for your baby’s permission and assess if they are in the mood to be given a massage. Rub some oil or moisturiser into your hands before starting the massage.

To help your baby relax, softly talk to them or sing while you give the massage. Focus on one foot at a time and there is no need to count the number of times you do each step as this can be distracting.

Generally, a baby massage should last 10-15 minutes as any longer may be too much for them. If your baby gets upset part way through then just stop and you can try again another time.

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The Baby Foot Massage 11 Step process

Firstly, start with your baby’s legs and work down towards their feet.

Step 1. Wrap your palms around your baby’s thigh and one by one rub down towards their foot

Step 2. Continue with step one but start rotating your palms around their legs as you rub towards their foot

Step 3. Use your thumbs to rub the bottom of your baby’s foot starting from their heel and going up towards their toes as shown in the image below

baby foot massage for sleep

Step 4. One by one, roll their toes between your thumb and index finger

Step 5. With your finger sideways across your baby’s toes, press down from the toes to the heel

Step 6. Thump press the bottom of your baby’s foot several times as shown in the picture below

baby foot massage for sleep

Step 7. Rub the top of your baby’s foot from their toes towards their ankle (see image below)

baby foot massage for sleep

Step 8. Gently rotate your thumb in small circular motions around your baby’s ankle

Step 9. Wrap your palms around your baby’s ankle and one by one rub towards their thigh

Step 10. Place both your palms either side of your baby’s thigh and rub towards their foot

Step 11. Put your hands underneath their bottom and gently lift up several times like in the image below

Thanks for reading this post on how to give a baby foot massage. Hopefully these methods are as helpful to you as they were to me.

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  1. This is great but asking a baby for permission is a bit ridiculous, what are they going to say? They don’t even know what a foot massage is! Obviously if they cry and don’t like it I wouldn’t force them.

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