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How To Make Spooky Halloween Jelly

Trick or Treat! Halloween is finally here and nothing says Halloween like scary jelly. This recipe is a delicious and spooky twist on the classic jelly that we love.

I’ll show you how to make it with some simple ingredients and a few tricks so that your kids can enjoy some Halloween fun. You might even find yourself enjoying the treat as well!

Your little ones will be so excited by this simple concoction that you’ll have no problem filling up their bellies on October 31st!

And if you’re also looking for Halloween toddler play ideas, then this Halloween jelly is great fun for messy sensory play.

Happy Haunting! Here is how to make spooky kids Halloween jelly.

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What you will need for the halloween jelly

2 x packets of Hartley’s jelly (either the jelly cubes or the powder – see image below)

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A mixture of spooky Halloween sweets (I personally love the jelly eyeball sweets)

Askeys Strawberry Sauce (optional)

Boiled and cold water

A clear serving bowl

A smaller bowl or mug

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Step 1

Put both packets of jelly in the clear serving bowl. If you are using the cubes then break them up one by one into the bowl and if you are using the powder then just empty the 2 sachets.

Step 2

Add the amount of boiling water stated on the packet, stir and dissolve both the packets of jelly in the boiling water. Once the jelly is dissolved, stir in the amount of cold water stated on the packet.

Step 3

Wait 30 minutes for the jelly to cool down to room temperature. Next, separate a 250ml portion of the jelly into a different bowl or mug, cover it and leave it on the side for now.

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Place the rest of the jelly (in the clear serving bowl) into the fridge and let it set. Usually it will take 2-4 hours for the jelly to completely set in the fridge. A simple tip is that the jelly will set quicker if you place it at the back of the fridge where it’s cooler.

Step 5

Once the clear bowl of jelly is completely set and it’s no longer runny, place the spooky Halloween sweets on the top of the jelly. Your little one will no doubt love to help with this part of the process.

Step 6

Once the sweets are placed exactly where you want them, you can now add the 250ml of dissolved jelly on top of the set jelly and place it back in the fridge for a further 2-4 hours until it’s all set.

Step 7

Once the whole jelly is set you can add any finishing touches, for example, more decorations on the top. If you would like to, you can add the Askeys Strawberry Sauce to the top (see image below) – just bare in mind that this makes the jelly sticky and the sauce quickly melts.

And that’s it!

Enjoy your scary Halloween jelly

This is the perfect recipe for young kids who love messy food play. It yields about six servings so you can make enough of these sweet treats for your whole family! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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