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newborn clothing essentials

Newborn Clothing Checklist Of All Basic Baby Clothes

First off, let me start by saying a massive congratulations on your expected new baby!

You are obviously here because you are stuck on the question “what clothing do I need for a newborn”?

As a mother of a toddler, I have been there and I had the exact same question. I am also (like you) now an expecting mother of a newborn to my second child. Luckily, I have a lot of items that I can reuse for baby number 2.

You may also be wondering when do babies grow out of newborn clothes? This all depends on the size your baby is at the time they are born and how fast they grow afterwards.

My daughter was almost 8 pounds at birth and she was wearing newborn clothing for about 3 weeks after.

As you can imagine, most babies will not stay in newborn clothing for long so it’s best to buy only a few of each newborn items of clothing and get more items for 0-3 months and beyond.

Bare in mind that you are likely to receive presents from family and friends which could also include MANY newborn baby clothes essentials.

Also, because babies grow out of newborn clothing SO quickly, you will probably regret buying any items of clothing that are too costly, very fancy or any baby essentials clothes brand. It’s best to keep newborn baby clothes to a limited budget.

With that being said, let’s find out what newborn essential clothing you need.

what clothes do i need for newborn

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The easiest way To Decide what to buy when picking baby clothes is to stick to newborn essential clothing

When babies are born, they come from a warm and wet environment to somewhere that is much cooler than they are used to. Babies should be kept warm, however too much warmth can increase their risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

So what items are needed to fill a newborn wardrobe (or drawers)? Well here is a newborn clothes checklist with all the essentials for newborns.

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1. Long sleeve or short sleeve vests

These are to put under babies clothing as an extra layer of warmth. Because babies can have nappy leaks, I would recommend getting a few extra vests than other items of clothing.

These newborn short and long sleeve vests (or bodysuits) are perfect for any newborn baby. They are made from 100% organic cotton which is fantastic for babies sensitive skin.

If your baby is due in summer you can choose the short sleeved vests / bodysuits and if your baby is due in winter you can opt for the long sleeved vests.

2. Baby grow

Personally, I love baby grows for newborns as they are so comfortable for them and are easy to take off.

These particular baby grows / sleepsuits come in different colours and patterns and are made from 100% cotton which is great for babies sensitive skin.

They also come with mittens and feet covers which can be taken off easily – these are fantastic items of clothing as ordinary mittens and socks can sometimes slip off.

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3. Hats

These 100% organic cotton hats are to protect babies from the cold, sun or wind when outside. These hats in particular are very stretchy and can be folded and used inside out.

4. Socks

Socks obviously keep babies feel warm, however they can fall off, therefore you might prefer keeping your baby in a baby grow instead.

These cute socks, however have a tab at the back which make them super easy to put on and take off and they have gentle elastic bands that hug babies feet which means they are unlikely to slip off.

5. Mittens (Or socks)

These are to protect your baby from scratching themselves. They also help to protect babies from the cold.

Sometimes, mittens can fall off so it’s even better to get the baby grows that have mittens attached or use socks as these tend to stay on better.

6. Muslin cloth

It is often common for newborn babies to bring milk up, therefore muslin cloths are used for wiping their mouth.

Here are a pack of 3 organic burp cloths that are used to put over your shoulder and protect your clothes when burping your baby. They are machine washable so can be used over and over again. They also work great as muslin cloths to wipe a baby’s mouth.

7. Cellular Blankets

Cellular blankets (see example below) are special blankets which aid airflow to help babies with regulating their temperature. They also help to prevent babies from suffocating because of the tiny holes that allow them to breathe.

I recommend having a few cellular blankets and keeping some as spare for when they need washing. They are great for taking your baby out and covering them in their pram (especially in winter).

8. Sleeping bag

These help to keep babies warm and comfortable when they’re sleeping and some people say that they help their babies to sleep better than a cellular blanket.

Here is an adorable newborn baby sleeping bag that also converts into a play mat which is perfect for tummy time when babies are actively awake and playing.

9. Newborn swaddle wrap

Swaddling babies is said to have a number of benefits, which include the following:

  • It makes it easier to settle your baby to sleep and helps them to sleep longer
  • It gives your baby a sense of safety and security as it mimics the cosy environment of the uterus
  • It prevents your newborn from being woken with a “startle reflex” (which is when your infant is startled by his or her own involuntary movements)

Swaddling is great for babies but you just have to be cautious not to wrap your baby too tight and not letting them overheat.

These swaddle wraps are so soft and lightweight. They come in different colours and patterns, are large in size and are tailored for multipurpose use.

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Additional newborn essentials for summer baby

Here is a special newborn baby summer clothes list especially for summer babies:

  • Baby grows can be replaced for rompers (like the one below), otherwise shorts can be worn with vests instead of baby grows / sleepsuits.
  • Lightweight hats are recommended if taking your baby out in summer. Preferably get one that is able to cover their head and face like the bucket style hat below.

What To Expect recommend that you avoid sun exposure for your newborn baby especially during mid afternoon when the sun is the strongest.

Additional newborn essentials for winter baby

Here is a special newborn baby winter clothes list especially for winter babies:

  • In winter time, opt for thicker hats (like the one below) when your baby is out in the cold
  • If it’s really cold outside, you can put your baby in a snowsuit to keep their whole body extra warm

Final thoughts

One final thing to consider (which isn’t quite clothing but it is made of cotton) is having a baby towel or two. Getting your baby their own towels means they won’t have to share towels with the rest of the family.

This baby towel is made from organic bamboo and is so soft, thick and extra absorbent to help keep babies warm, dry and comfortable after a bath.

And that’s it for my baby clothes checklist. I hope this has been helpful in getting you prepared for your baby’s arrival. If there is anything you would like to add, feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

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