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How Nursery Rhyme Activities Benefit Your Child

Research shows that pictures help toddler’s communication skills and help to form their understanding of what words mean.

Music also helps to lift children’s mood and reduce their stress levels. This is often why parents sing to their baby.

These nursery rhyme activities come with the lyrics to popular nursery rhyme classics so you can sing along to them and create lasting memories with your toddler. They also include educational matching activities that help your toddler with problem solving skills and identifying patterns.

colour matching

Here's What's Included

Included are 3 downloadable PDF’s to print on A4 paper (there are 25 pages in total).

There is a nursery rhyme book which contains lyrics to popular nursery rhyme classics and pictures to encourage your toddler’s engagement in singing along.

The pictures at the back of the book can be cut out and used as a matching activity.

Also included are matching colour and counting nursery rhyme activities to help your toddler to learn colours and how to count to five.


Pass Down Your Favourite Nursery Rhymes From When You Were Little

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