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stay at home mum schedule

Stay At Home Mum Schedule Planning

Let’s be honest, it’s not always easy looking after little ones. However, there are methods that you can use to incorporate a stay at home mum schedule that works for you.

Here Is A List Of Stay At Home Mum Schedule Hacks To help you be productive

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1. Plan ahead and write things down

Plan things you want to buy or chores that need completing for the next day by using a stay at home mum schedule/daily planner. If you know you have a particularly busy day then get everything ready the night before such as clothing and meal preps.

Also, get into the routine of using a planner and take 5-10 minutes in the morning to plan your day.

Writing things down makes it easier to stay focused and calm because you’re not relying on remembering all information in your head.

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2. Plan meals in advance and cut out time

Plan meals for the week. Also, you can use a slow cooker which saves time as you are able get on with other things while your meal is cooking.

You can also consider batch cooking and freezing food in containers which is something that I really benefited from when my daughter was only just beginning to eat solids.

It really saved me time and I found it far easier to cook a big batch of food and store it in a baby container instead of cooking daily.

plan meals

3. Check the weather and plan your washing ahead

I try to do my washing on dry weather days which saves money on electricity used to run a clothes dryer. Remember, it is best to wash your clothes first thing in the morning so they have several hours to dry through the day.

4. Organise your home

Keep things in the same place so you always know where to find them. Ask your kids to help you with putting things away as this teaches them about responsibility and the praise they get from you will help their confidence to grow.

5. Use calendars to plan your stay at home mum schedule

Use calendars for upcoming appointments and write the appointment times and addresses so you don’t forget. You can also plan upcoming birthdays or parties by using a calendar.

If any domestic forms need completing then put these on monthly calendars and the dates they need completing by so you won’t miss the deadline. Staying organised can help to prevent stress.

Planning days and even sometimes weeks in advance can help you to be your most productive self.

If you are planning something for the first time (such as going on your first holiday with a child) then do some research on the internet of common things you need to prepare. Also, make your own list of things you need to take specifically for you and your family.

6. Keeping the all important sleep routine

Try to keep routines for children. Some days you will have to break this routine, but sleep routines are highly important for helping your children to stay relaxed and sleep well at night.

Sleep routines also help children to know what to expect and sets them up well for their future sleep patterns.

sleep routine

7. Time daily tasks

If you can time your tasks this will help you as you will become an expert in knowing how long things take so you can plan your tasks effectively. You can time things like bathing your child, feeding your child or performing your housework routine.

Also, once you are clear about how long tasks take then you can give yourself a limit to get each task done as this will prevent you from being distracted and help you to stay on top of your housework schedule.

If you are tackling a task that you’re really not sure how long will take or you suspect it may take some time then it’s best to do it at a time you know you won’t be disturbed instead of rushing.

For example, putting together a piece of furniture for the first time. For these things it’s best to either wait for you child to go to bed or is in nursery/with a childminder.

8. Discuss and plan things with your partner

If there is any way they can help then they should share the daily tasks with you.

I routinely will discuss things with my partner that need completing and we can decide who is going to do what. By doing this, it means that both of you will be on the same page and you’re not going over the same things.

9. Stay on top of finances

After payday, I work out all my expenses for the month and how much excess I have to spend on things for the family. If you really can’t afford something but really want it then look into whether you can either pay monthly for it or ask yourself if it can wait for another time.

You and your partner should share the cost of things. Also, check on Google shopping to find it cheaper.

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10. Staying on top of the shopping IS A MUST!

Keep an eye on what foods and beverages you have or need on a daily basis. Fresh foods go off quickly so you will need to shop for them often. In my house I am regularly needing to buy whole milk as my daughter goes through so much of it.

I would just recommend that you really stay on top of the shopping as you don’t want to be rushing to the supermarket in the middle of the night to buy something. If you can then have multiple supplies of house items so you don’t run out.

Also, you can do online shopping which is easier, saves time and money (plus the kids won’t be asking for you to buy things like they do in supermarkets).

I like to have a selection of cards and gift bags in my house. With having a big family, this is one less thing I have to think about buying for each of my relatives of friends birthday’s.

11. Staying calm and focused

Don’t stress about not getting tasks done. Stressing won’t help to get things done but it can make you not feel good. Most house chores can be done at a later day or time.

I would say that the best tips for staying organised as a busy mum is to do the most urgent things first and try doing bits of house chores each day instead of letting it mount up.

Ask for help. If you know that you have so much to do and there is no way you can do everything then ask for help from your partner, family or friends. It can be very hard managing everything alone so if you have the opportunity to get help then ask for it.

If you are new to motherhood then remember that the more you practice organisation skills, the better you will become.

12. Celebrate your small wins

Now I don’t mean you should throw a party every time you wash some dishes although that does sound fun. What I mean is that it’s sometimes a challenge looking after young kids so go easy on yourself.

Give yourself little rewards by dedicating some time throughout the day doing something you love.

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13. Celebrate your children’s small wins

A great tip for helping your children to stay organised (if they are old enough) is to keep a checklist of things they need to do.

For example, this can be morning tasks and can include brushing their teeth then getting dressed and doing their hair.

Make sure you praise them if they do this very well and celebrate their small wins with them.

stay at home mum schedule


I know how hectic it can get sometimes with raising children and I hope this list of organisation tips helps you busy mums to stay on schedule. Feel free to leave a comment with your tips on staying organised as this may help other mums as well as me.

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