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Never Get Bored Again! The Ultimate List Of Fun Toddler Activities

Whatever the weather – rain or shine – there are always many activities that you can fill your time with and keep your toddler entertained at the same time.

Rest assured, you’re in the right place if you’re stuck for ideas on some weekend activities with toddlers. Here is a list of over 80 activities you can do at home, in your garden or outside. Trust me, you will NEVER get bored again with all these fun things to do.

Activities and groups to put your toddler in

Are you wondering “what are some toddler activities near me?”

Just to get you thinking, here are a list of common toddler groups and classes that your toddler can join. Parents may be able to participate in some of these too.

things to do with todlers

  1. Music group. Right at the top of the list is an activity my daughter and I do. We both love music so it makes sense for us to enjoy it in a group of other like minded people – it’s great fun for her and she enjoys beating the instruments.
  2. Toddler gymnastics.
  3. Football.
  4. Dance classes.
  5. Phonics classes. These are great for developing speaking and listening skills.
  6. Arts and crafts classes where you and your toddler can get creative with such activities like painting, making cards and using different textures.
  7. Sensory groups – these help your toddler to explore and learn about the world around them.
  8. Language classes to help them with learning another language.

nursery rhyme activities

Activities to keep your toddler busy indoors

Here is a list of fun things for parents to do with toddlers indoors on those rainy days.

shape matching game

  1. Colouring together.
  2. Make a musical instrument in just 5 minutes.
  3. Create or download a printabe busy book for your toddler to play with.
  4. Have a soak in the tub and play with bath toys, a bubble machine or bath paints.
  5. Together, you and your toddler can make a plan of your day using toddler routine cards.
  6. Have a bath with the lights off and use some colourful glow sticks in the tub (otherwise known as a “glow stick bath”).
  7. Listen to music and dance.
  8. Make a handprint mold ornament.
  9. Dress up and act out a story book.
  10. Create an upcycling craft.
  11. Try some DIY Crafts. You and your child can create so many DIY arts and crafts with this Arts and Crafts Library Kit. Your crafts can include things like decorative figurines such as flowers, insects or animals found in the garden.
  12. Draw.
  13. Paint.
  14. Colour in a personalised crown
  15. Make Christmas salt dough ornaments.
  16. Create things with playdough using a playdough mat or make homemade playdough.
  17. Read books together.
  18. Go to a local indoor soft play area.
  19. If you want to get out of the house but it’s raining then you can visit a museum. It will be very educational for the both of you.
  20. Make and eat some spooky Halloween jelly.
  21. Create or buy a busy board full of hands on activities for your toddler.
  22. Bake a cake and your toddler can help you to decorate it by adding icing and sprinkles.
  23. Build blocks with toilet roll cardboard or empty yoghurt pots. Once you have built a block you can then knock it down for fun.
  24. Build a den to play in.
  25. Play with toy food. Pretend to cook, eat and then wash the dishes.
  26. Grow cress in egg shells – find out how here.
  27. Create music with instruments.
  28. Dress up dollies.
  29. Wear dress up costumes.
  30. Playing with toy cars.
  31. Finger painting.
  32. Make some kinetic sand to play with – find out how here.
  33. Play an animal matching game.
  34. If you have any empty plastic bottles lying around then you could use them as bowling pins and knock them down with a ball.
  35. Download an emotions chart to help teach your toddler about emotions.
  36. Make some slime and try one of these 30 genius slime activities.

Activities to do with your toddler in the garden

The weather is nice, the sun is beaming, you’re not going anywhere and you want some play ideas to do with your toddler in your garden.

How do I keep my child entertained for hours

  1. Play a scavenger hunt game – get a free garden scavenger hunt printable here.
  2. Play with a water table or create your own with buckets, spades and other toys.
  3. Blow bubbles in the garden or use a bubble machine and you and your toddler can pop them.
  4. If you’re lucky enough to have a sandpit in your back garden then why not build sandcastles. Or you can dig the sand and bury toys in for your toddler to find.
  5. Inflate a toddler paddling pool and your toddler can take a dip in it.
  6. Take up one of these outdoor Summer activities that suit your toddlers age.
  7. Draw with chalk in your garden. You can try creating flowers, clouds, the sun or even a hopscotch grid to play with.
  8. Aim and shoot with water guns.
  9. Play hide and seek with toys. You can create foam with whisked bubble bath then hide objects in for your toddler to find.
  10. Colour match washing pegs.
  11. Create a back garden obstacle course with toys to jump over and crawl through.

Fun outdoor activities for toddlers

Here are suggestions of some toddler activities near you.

fun places for 2 year olds

  1. Go on a nature walk scavenger hunt – get a free nature walk scavenger hunt printable here.
  2. Visit a local farm to see and maybe even feed the animals.
  3. Sledding in the snow.
  4. Making snow angels in fresh snow.
  5. Visit a zoo.
  6. Go to a lake and see the ducks.
  7. Go to a local sandpit and build sandcastles.
  8. Take a trip to the beach and have a hunt for sea shells.
  9. Have a picnic in a local park.
  10. Get lost in a maze. Find one to visit in your local area.
  11. Go fruit picking.
  12. Take a steam train ride.
  13. Pick daisies and make a daisy chain.
  14. Go camping (or glamping).
  15. See beautiful flowers and plants at a botanic garden.
  16. Visit a toddler theme park.
  17. Visit an aquarium.
  18. Try bird watching. Listen to the sounds of the birds, look at the colours and their size and try to figure out what type of bird it is. While you’re at it, why not get some beautiful photos of the birds.
  19. Go for a walk and pick leaves which you can then use for a collage.
  20. Visit a castle.
  21. Visit a country park and admire the scenery.
  22. Fly a kite.
  23. Kick and throw balls to each other at a park.
  24. Go to a local playground and your toddler can go on the rides.
  25. Take a walk.
  26. Take up swimming classes or visit a water park.

What Activities Do You Like Doing With Your Toddler?

Let me know in the comments section below what you enjoy doing with your toddler so I can try some activities that are not included in this list. I now challenge you to take up one of these activities each day for a month.

Download a copy of this 80+ toddler activity checklist here.

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