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minimalist baby registry

What Not To Put On A Baby Registry (Baby Wish List): What To Consider Instead!

You’re pregnant and it’s time to get everything ready for baby’s arrival. You’ve been reading up on all the things you need, but there is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming. I know… I’ve been there!

You’re probably wondering, “What do I need?” and that begs the question of what not to put on the baby registry? These are good questions. And it turns out the answer is that you need less than you think!

It’s hard to believe how much stuff people give you when you have a baby. I know it is meant with love, but there are so many things that just aren’t necessary! I’ve compiled a list of 15 things your baby doesn’t need (or won’t need until they are older) to make it easier for you when creating your baby registry.

A newborn has many needs, but there are some things marketed for babies that you don’t need. What you need for your baby is important and so I will tell you the things that are worth including in your baby registry and the items for new baby that are not worth having. So let’s get to it!

What is a baby registry (also known as a baby wish list)?

A baby registry or baby wish list is a list of items chosen by the parents-to-be that are wanted for their baby. The list is then made public in an online store. This list can then be shared with friends and family of the parents-to-be so they know what gifts to buy for the baby before they are born. Often, these gifts can be given at a baby shower.

Amazon have a fantastic baby registry / baby wish list that’s very easy to use. Once items are purchased on the Amazon baby wish list, they then get marked as being bought so other people don’t purchase the same item. Click here to start your Amazon baby registry / baby wish list.

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Here is the mum’s guide to baby gear: what you need and what you don’t!

minimalist baby registry

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Here are 15 things that you can probably leave off your baby registry:

1) A Bottle Warmer

To be honest, you don’t need this product because you can always put the baby bottle in a bowl of hot water to heat it up instead. Bottle warmers not only take up space but they are not that convenient when all you need is a bowl of hot water.

2) Changing Table

If you’re like most people, then you will probably change your baby on the bed or sofa and call it a day. Instead of getting a table, consider buying a changing mat to change your baby on as this will protect your bed and sofa.

The machine washable changing mats (such as the one pictured below) last longer. This makes them better for your budget and as they can be easily washed, they are more hygienic.

what you need for a baby

3) Baby Shoes

You don’t need to buy any shoes for your baby until he or she actually needs it like when they are walking for the first time.

It can actually cause problems if your baby is put in shoes too early as they will end up tripping and falling because their shoes aren’t fit to be worn yet. For this reason, save getting shoes until your baby is ready to walk.

4) Baby Food Maker

Baby food makers often take too much time and effort to use (and clean). The best and simplest thing I found for blending home cooked food is a regular hand blender – these are easy to use and clean. The baby food makers unfortunately are one of those products that make life more complicated than it really has to be.

5) Scented Baby Bath Soap

The NHS recommends that newborns should be bathed with just plain water in their first month to protect their delicate skin. When you do start using baby soap to wash your baby, you can protect their skin further by using unscented / fragrance free soap.

6) Baby Walkers

Research shows that baby walkers often cause babies to walk later as it slows down their muscle development. Instead, you should let your baby crawl for as long as possible as it really does help their gross motor skills.

7) Nappy Rash Cream

Most young babies don’t often get nappy rash. This often occurs when babies start eating solid foods. Even then, petroleum jelly works great as a nappy cream alternative because it has a similar effect and costs much less.

8) Too Many Blankets

Many parents buy too many blankets and then end up never using them. What you really need for your baby is cellular blankets (see image below) that help to protect babies from overheating and suffocating. It’s good to have spare blankets but you don’t need more than a few.

Items for new baby

9) Too Many Clothes

Babies grow out of clothes way too fast so you don’t need many. Want to know the newborn baby clothes essentials that you need for your baby? Check out this post “Newborn Clothing Checklist” that covers a Summer and Winter baby clothes list.

10) Wipes Warmer

This is just simply a luxury item that’s not essential. As long as your house is warm enough then your baby shouldn’t be bothered by the temperature of the baby wipes you use on their bum.

11) Baby Powder

Baby powder is not needed and it’s actually not safe for babies. Research has shown that baby powder can actually cause respiratory problems and other harmful side effects for your baby as mentioned by Parents.com.

12) Cot Bumper Cushions

These may look pretty when they are placed around the sides of babies cots but they are dangerous. This is because if a baby turns their head at the wrong angle and have their face in the bumper it could cause babies to suffocate. These are best avoided!

13) Bottle Drying Rack

This product takes up a lot of extra space in your kitchen and is not necessary for drying bottles. You can simply just sit the clean bottles on a towel or dish rack instead.

14) Disposable Nursing Pads

Instead of getting disposable nursing pads, I would recommend getting the reusable breast pads that go in the washing machine. This will save you money and they are much better for the environment so it’s a win win 🙂

15) Gender specific equipment

If you know the sex of your baby, it could be tempting to go for colours like blue and pink that we often associate with boys or girls. However I would suggest that you reconsider this when it comes to getting things like furniture and a moses basket, just in case you have any more babies.

Gender neutral colours such as beige, cream or yellow are not only beautiful but they are synonymous with boys and girls so opt for these colours instead.

Here Is a list of things needed for baby

so, what are the best baby buy Items?

Some people my still consider these items as not essential. However, as someone who has used and loved these items again and again, I definitely consider them worth having to make life simpler with a baby.

1) A Pram Organiser

I definitely see the value in pram organisers. Simply put, they help parents to be organised when leaving the house as everything has its place. With an organiser, you can rest assured that you are unlikely to forget anything behind before going out.

2) Machine washable changing mat

I have mentioned washable changing mats above but I believe these are a must have for a number of reasons.

1) They help to protect your furnishings when changing babies nappy.

2) The washable mats often last longer than the others that have foam inside.

3) The washable changing mats are compact as they can be easily folded and carried around.

4) Because these change mats are washable, they are often more hygienic than other mats.

3) Travel Cot

These are great whenever you plan to travel as you will always know that your baby has somewhere comfortable to sleep. These also make a great playpen for babies to play in safely.

4) Car sun shade

A car sun shade is a great item to have, especially in the summer when it’s hot. Sun shades help to keep your baby cool, comfortable and they help to protect their eyes whenever you are travelling somewhere by car.

5) A Baby Car Mirror

With a baby car mirror fitted in your vehicle, you will have peace of mind knowing what your baby is doing while you are driving.

These are just a few items needed for your baby. For a full newborn checklist, click here.

Now it’s time to create your minimalist baby registry

So what’s the takeaway? Well, in a nutshell, you don’t need to buy everything that is marketed towards babies. You just need the essentials and some necessary items to make life simpler. And when it comes down to it, safety should be at the top of priority!

Also, if you’re shopping and you see something you like but you’re not sure about, then ask other parents or research the products online. But hopefully, this post has been helpful in guiding you on what you need for a baby and what you can pass up.

I know that preparing for a baby can be costly. Therefore, if you’re thinking of ways to save money on shopping and everyday essentials before baby arrives then check out my post on how mums can save money.

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