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When To Tell Work You’re Pregnant (And Tips On How)

It’s a question that many pregnant mums have, deciding when to tell work you’re pregnant. It can be a tough call. Some people might say to wait until after your 10-14 week scan, but others might argue you should tell your employer as soon as you find out the news.

For me personally, I had mixed feelings on this topic but I decided that the sooner I tell my employer, the better. However, I can understand why some expecting mother’s may choose to wait longer for different reasons. What is important is making sure you are comfortable with whatever decision you make so there won’t be any regrets later.

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Why tell your employer that you are pregnant early on?

Some women choose to wait until their first trimester is over, but I was fairly comfortable (but a little bit anxious) telling my employer right after I found out I was expecting (which was during my first trimester).

Here’s why I decided to tell my employer early. I thought by telling my boss early, it will give them more time to prepare my risk assessment and to prepare for my maternity leave. In addition, my pregnancy symptoms made it hard for me to hide the fact that I was pregnant.

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Are there risks at work?

If your job comes with risks, for example, if you are exposed to dangerous chemicals or machinery, then this could place your pregnancy and your baby at risk. In these situations, I would recommend that you inform your boss immediately so they can complete a risk assessment and remove you from any dangerous substances or machinery.

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Are you experiencing pregnancy symptoms?

Symptoms of pregnancy can start early in the first trimester and cause nausea, vomiting, bloating, exhaustion etc. You may choose to tell your employer early on if these symptoms are affecting your work.

Missing work due to pregnancy sickness is quite normal but if you are having long periods off from work then you may want to consider informing your boss so they understand. By informing your boss and HR, they can make allowances and adjustments to your work that will make it easier for you e.g. if you can work from home, then they can talk you through this option.

Why Many women choose to wait until after their dating scan between 10-14 weeks

For many women, they would rather wait until after their dating scan at around 10-14 weeks before they inform their employer. For a number of reasons (as mentioned below), I personally think that this is great timing for informing your employer that you are expecting a baby.

As advised by Healthline, the risk of miscarriage may fall as low as 5% after 12 weeks pregnant and many women like to inform others about their pregnancy at this stage for this reason. Another reason why it might be an advantage to wait until after the dating scan to inform your employer is because you are often told of your baby’s due date at this scan – you can then pass this information onto your employer.

Don’t leave it too late to inform your employer

After you tell your employer they will be able to prepare your risk assessments and maternity leave in line with their company policies. By informing your employer as soon as possible, it allows them more time to plan so don’t leave it too late.

Understand your pregnancy rights at work

Learn about your rights as a pregnant woman at work by reading your companies policies and researching laws that apply in your country. Knowing what your company policy is will help you to prepare for time off and understand what to expect from the company you work for.

7 tips on how to tell your boss you’re pregnant:

1) Find a private location to have the conversation

2) Be open and honest with your employer

Be open and honest with your employer but don’t feel pressured into giving them all the answers right away. Take some time to decide whether you plan to return to work full time or part time after your maternity leave.

Later on down the line, before you start your maternity leave you may want to think about the following and discuss these further with your employer:

  • When you want to start your maternity leave
  • Are you planning to return to work and if so, would you rather return part time or full time?
  • Will your employer allow you flexible working? Also, lay down your preferences for working hours on your return to work.

3) Let your boss know before your Colleagues

I recommend that you inform your boss before your colleagues to avoid them hearing your pregnancy news from someone else first as this could make things awkward between you.

4) Decide how you plan on announcing your pregnancy to the rest of your colleagues

Maybe have a discussion with your employer about this. You and your employer could announce your pregnancy together in a surprise announcement to your colleagues.

Not sure how to share the news to people? Well this beautiful printable pregnancy announcement card can do the talking for you.

5) Let them know about any future pregnancy appointments

They only need to know this if the appointments interfere with your work schedule.

6) Provide necessary documents

Depending on what stage in your pregnancy you are, you will need to provide your employer with your maternity certificate at some point. If you have this at hand, then you can provide this to your employer at the same time you tell them your news.

7) Finally, thank your employer

Make sure to thank your employer for their support and let them know you appreciate their time.

Summary: 5 things to help you decide when to tell work you’re pregnant

1) What are the laws in your country about when to tell your employer that you are pregnant?

2) Be aware of the risks that come with your job role and tell your boss immediately if you feel your work puts your pregnancy and baby at risk

3) Learn about your rights as a pregnant woman at work by researching laws and checking your company policies

4) Consider if you want to tell work earlier or later (it’s up to you)! Hopefully, this guide has helped you to figure this out.

5) Plan how you will let them know and make sure it is the right time for you.

So what is your opinion on the subject? When do you think it’s appropriate to tell your boss that you’re pregnant? Share in the comments below. And remember, whichever decision you make, just be sure it feels right for YOU!

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