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28 Must Ask Questions At Your First Pregnancy Appointment

Wow, you are pregnant, great news! With all the excitement of finding out your pregnant, you don’t want to miss any key questions that you should ask at your first pregnancy appointment.

I have done my own research into this topic to find out what questions are important for you to ask at your first prenatal appointment.

Below, I have compiled a list of 28 questions that you should ask at your very first prenatal appointment. At the bottom of this page, you will find a copy of this list that you can download and take along to your first pregnancy appointment.

When should you contact your doctor after a positive pregnancy test?

You should contact your doctor as soon as you find out you are pregnant as they can help to put you in contact with a medical provider such as a midwife who will carry out your first pregnancy appointment. Don’t delay in getting your first pregnancy appointment booked as it’s important to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy.

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Here are the 28 questions you should think of asking at your first pregnancy appointment

  1. Which vitamins should I take now that I am pregnant?
  2. How much caffeine is safe for me to consume?
  3. What lifestyle habits should I give up e.g. smoking (and help to quit if needed), sports, beauty products etc.
  4. Are there any risks with my job?
  5. How long should I work for based on the job I do?
  6. What local prenatal classes and groups can I join to prepare me for birth and having a baby (make sure to enrol onto any classes or groups early so you are guaranteed a place)?
  7. What pregnancy symptoms should I expect?
  8. What are the signs that indicate I need emergency care?
  9. When will it be safe for me to travel?
  10. What are the signs of labour starting?
  11. How far along in my pregnancy am I and when am I due?
  12. How much weight should I expect to gain? At what rate should I gain weight? Ask them to measure your weight now.
  13. At what point in my pregnancy should I complete my birth plan?
  14. What can I expect during labour? In particular, what can you tell me about the different types of birth options such as, c-section, forceps, induction and pain relief.
  15. What medications should I avoid now that I am pregnant?
  16. Which over the counter medications are safe for me to have?
  17. What foods and drinks should I avoid?
  18. What foods should I eat more of?
  19. Which exercises do you recommend for me during my pregnancy?
  20. Are there any restrictions for me having sex during pregnancy?
  21. Are any of my health conditions likely to impact on my pregnancy?
  22. Here is my family health history. Do these make me predisposed to any pregnancy complications?
  23. What vaccines should I consider getting during my pregnancy?
  24. Where will I give birth?
  25. Can I have contact numbers for medical professionals who will support me during my pregnancy?
  26. Are there any particular apps worth downloading to track the progress of my pregnancy and prepare me for my baby?
  27. When will I get pregnancy screenings and tests e.g. chromosome and gestational diabetes tests?
  28. How often will my prenatal appointments be?

Having this list will help you to feel more prepared for your first pregnancy appointment. Click the button below to get a downloadable copy of this list in an A4 PDF.

Have a wonderful pregnancy!

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