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money saving tips for mums

7 Clever Ways To Save Money: Frugal Living For Mums

Now, I’m no financial expert but I have learned a few tricks on how to save on daily expenses. First off, I know the feeling when money comes in one hand and then out of the other.

From years of managing bills, I have learned great ways on how to save money on everyday living. I am quite resourceful with money and like many of us, I really love a bargain!

My thinking is, the more I can save on everyday expenditure, the more I can spend on fun things like day trips with my family. I always try to make my money go a long way. So, here are my best tips on how you can do the same.

Here are 7 Tips on how to save money On Daily Expenses

frugal living for moms and family

1. Shop Around

If you see something advertised and you are considering buying it, have a look around on the internet as you may be able to find the same product cheaper elsewhere.

One tool I use is Google Shopping search which lets me compare the price of an item on different websites. It’s ideal for getting the best deal, so give it a try if you haven’t already. All you have to do is search for what you’re looking for on Google then click where it says “shopping” and at the top it will say “sort by price” so you can then choose low to high price.

2. Cashback and Discount Cards Can Save You Money

Consider whether you can get cashback or discounts from your current account or through your employment. Even if the cash back or discount is only a small percentage, it can save you a lot of money over time.

An example of a UK discount card is the Blue Light Card which is available for emergency and NHS workers as well as members of the armed forces. Also the Health Service Cashback Card gives cash back specifically to NHS employees.

Discounts for Teachers offers discounts specially for people who work in the education sector (and not just teachers). Do some research and see whether you qualify for a discount card.

Also, there are sites that offer freebies as a way of marketing products. One UK site is Magic Freebies which I have used and got a free personalised book for my daughter and a pair of free Swarovski earrings worth £40. When using this website, just be aware that some companies ask for your card details for an ongoing subscription (you can usually cancel this at any time).

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3. Claiming Tax Relief

You can claim tax relief for a number of reasons. For example, you can claim tax relief for working from home (to cover costs of using gas and electricity). Find out what you can claim tax for at Gov.uk – you can also complete a tax return form on this site.

If you wear uniform or pay for other things like tools or professional registrations then you can claim tax back in just a few minutes by visiting Uniform Tax Rebate.

4. Utilise Comparison Websites To Get The Best Deals

Before signing up for insurance or other contracts, get a comparison estimate by using a comparison website like Money Supermarket.

5. Only Apply For Credit If You REALLY Have To

It may not always be an option as each person’s circumstances are different, however try to only spend the money you already have as using credit cards and loans can come with high interest rates. If you are considering getting a loan then use a comparison website for the lowest interest rates.

Also, the Money Saving Expert website has a “Credit Club” which assesses your eligibility for loans and using this will give you a good indication on whether you are likely to be accepted for credit.

6. Buy Good Value Used Products

I sometimes shop on Facebook marketplace for good quality used items which I can often collect the same day. By now I have saved hundreds of pounds by buying used items locally. Just remember that most times you can not return the items so make sure what you’re buying is in good working order.

Personally, I do not buy used electrical goods as unlike many other items, it’s very hard to assess the lifespan of these products – the exception would be if they come with a guarantee. Stone Refurb is a company with great customer feedback that sell refurbished computers as an example.

7. Bulk Buy

Buying in bulk can save you money on food and household items. Often, when I see good value for money items I buy enough to last me a while. This reduces the need for me to go shopping as often and I can rest assured that I have enough of what I need (especially if the shops are not close to my house).

What’s your strategy for saving money on everyday expenditure?

Consider following some of these how to save money tips and I’m sure your money will go further. I would also be interested in hearing your stories on how you save on living costs so leave a comment below.

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