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Educational Toys For 3 To 4 Year Olds

Like other mums, you want to know what are the best educational and learning toys for 3 4 year olds. I bet you’re wondering “what are the best boys toys” or “which are the best toys for girls”.

Rest assured because here is a list of highly educational toys for 3-4 year olds girls and boys. These will help toddlers to learn and develop their cognitive skills and abilities in a fun way.

We know that the baby and toddler years are when children learn the most about the world and so it’s normal for us to want to instil knowledge and confidence in them at an early age.

Here is a list of top picks of toys to teach your preschooler 3 to 4 year old

Aqua Mat

My daughter loves to doodle as do many toddlers. A doodle mat will keep your toddler busy and entertained for a long time. Doodling helps them to develop their fine motor skills for drawing and writing.

This doodle mat below also come with stencils that your toddler can draw around which helps them to learn to draw letters, shapes and numbers. It also helps with their hand-eye coordination.

Aqua mats are easily transportable so can be taken anywhere – even in the car, your toddler can be drawing. And because the pens filled with water instead of ink you don’t need to worry about them making an unremovable mess.

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Create A Busy Book With Learning Activities

Busy books in general help to improve fine motor skills, cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination for young kids. If you’re unfamiliar with what busy books are, they are a set of educational worksheet activities that are kept in a folder. Here, I explain in more detail.

The activities in this particular busy book can help your pre-schooler to learn:

How to spell their own name



The alphabet



Big and small

Not only are busy books educational but they are great fun, engaging and young kids simply love sticking activities.

Chalkboard / Whiteboard

Another way for your toddler to doodle is with a chalkboard or whiteboard. This board below is sturdy, has ample storage space and is easy to set up.

With this board, you can easily flip the sides around to get either a blackboard or a whiteboard, making it versatile. The board is also magnetic and it comes with letters, numbers and pen magnets.

This will help to stimulate the imagination and creativity of young children. Your child can even pretend play being a teacher in front of a classroom.

Children Learning Reading

Educational Toys For 3 To 4 Year Olds

So, this one isn’t a toy but it is an educational activity to get your 3-4 year old involved in.

This is something that I recently purchased for my 2 year old daughter as she loves books and stories. I’m sure you think the age of 2 is far too early for kids learning to read. I thought the same thing when I first heard about Children Learning Reading but then I saw videos of children as young as 2 being able to read (and I thought… Wow!).

You too can start teaching your 3 year old reading!

Children Learning Reading helps with teaching phonics to toddlers. It provides the necessary reading activities for toddlers using letters and phonics. There are many benefits of reading to children but this will give you the resources for teaching reading using simple phonics worksheets.

If you’re in doubt, check out the many reviews from parents just here. Children Learning Reading is super easy to use and all it takes is 15 minutes of reading each day following the step by step reading program.

Educational Toys For 3 To 4 Year Olds
Children Learning Reading set

nursery rhyme activities

Anatomy Puzzle

This anatomy puzzle below helps toddlers to learn names and locations of body parts. With different layers to the puzzle, your toddler will begin learning the skeleton, then the organs, then the muscles and lastly the outer parts of the body. You can pick either a male or female anatomy puzzle.

Educational Toys For 3 To 4 Year Olds
Educational Toys For 3 To 4 Year Olds
Anatomy puzzle

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Perpetual Calendar

The perpetual calendar below helps toddlers learn the days of the week, months of the year, dates and weather symbols. With this, you will never need another calendar again as this one is forever rotational.

If you get this perpetual calendar, soon your toddler could be telling you the days of the week, months of the year, dates and weather. It would also look perfect in your child’s bedroom.

Educational Toys For 3 To 4 Year Olds
Perpetual Calendar

Magnetic Building Blocks

Spark your child’s creativity and problem solving skills by getting them magnetic building blocks such as these shown below. With these blocks, toddlers can learn to build towers, vehicles, rockets and other fun stuff.

These magnetic blocks are something that are bound to keep your toddler entertained for a while and it’s a very popular choice amongst many children.

Magnetic building blocks

Count And Stack Colourful Rings

This count and stack colourful ring below encourages toddlers to learn problem solving skills by sorting out colours and numbers with the relevant pegs. No doubt, your toddler will learn maths and counting skills by playing with this fun toy.

Counting colourful rings

Free Educational Printables With The Great Little Trading Company

The Great Little Trading Company have free printable learning activities for toddlers. Their printables include colouring, crafts, alphabet phonics, counting and morning / afternoon checklists (and more).

All you need to do is visit their website by clicking the link above. Then simply print out a printable that you like the look of… and voila… your child has a great learning activity set!

Thanks For Reading

Try these educational toys for your 3 to 4 year olds and I’m confident they will help to develop their learning. Feel free to leave a comment if you have found these toys helpful for your little one’s learning and thanks for reading.

educational activities for 3 year olds

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