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Pregnancy Expectations Vs Reality (By Trimester)

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I’m sure you have been reading and hearing lots of things about what happens now that you are expecting a baby. But here are some hard truths that you may not have heard.

There are different pregnancy symptoms that you will experience and the truth is that how you feel will vary depending on where you are in the pregnancy stages. This is the honest truth of pregnancy expectations vs reality by each trimester.

First Trimester Expectations Vs Reality

1. Expectation – Wow, I’m pregnant. I am going to have that natural pregnancy glow just like they do in the movies.

Reality – I thought I was supposed to have clear skin and thick, luscious hair? Something must be wrong with my hormones.

2. Expectation – I will eat healthily, get a balanced diet containing lots of fruit and vegetables because it’s good for the baby’s development.

Reality – I can barely keep anything down. Most foods make me feel sick (vomit).

3. Expectation – Ooooh, is it too early to shop for baby products?

Reality – I can’t be bothered to do anything let alone walk around the shops for hours. I could sleep right here, right now… zzzz.

pregnancy tiredness

4. Expectation – It won’t be obvious that I’m pregnant for a long time.

Reality – I’m so bloated that I look like I’m 5 months pregnant already.

Second Trimester Expectations Vs Reality

1. Expectation – The nausea will go now that I am in the second trimester. Yaayyy, I will feel like me again!

Reality – Hmmm, this has got to be the longest first trimester EVER. I wonder when this queasiness will end.

2. Expectation – Finally, I don’t feel sick when eating. I can eat a healthy, balanced diet now.

Reality – I can’t stop eating anything and everything. The baby must be having a growth spurt.

3. Expectation – It’s nice having a break from period pain.

Reality – These uterus growing pains are like one loooonnnng-ass period pain.

Third Trimester Expectations Vs Reality

1. Expectation – My baby is almost here, I can’t wait!

Reality – I want my body back! I want to feel normal again and sleep longer than 30 minutes at a time.

2. Expectation – Ahh, the nausea in the first trimester was a pain. I’m so glad I’m past it!

Reality – Wait, I have to vomit thanks to this heartburn.

3. Expectation – I can do some light exercises as I hear they help with labour.

Reality – I can barely walk. My back and hips hurt. I’m so exhausted. I feel like a zombie from an apocalypse.

4. Expectation – Feeling my baby kicking is the best feeling in the world.

Reality – Ouch, that hurt my ribs! And now you’re on my bladder and I need to pee… again. Is this the thing they call lightning crotch… surely, the baby shouldn’t be giving me an electric shock??

third trimester symptoms

5. Expectation – My beautiful bump is growing so nicely. It looks amazing!

Reality – I don’t think I can possibly get any bigger, SURELY.

6. Expectation – I can catch up on sleep before my baby comes now that my maternity leave has started.

Reality – I can’t sleep. I’m waking up like 10 times each night just to pee and move my legs.

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Let me know your experiences

Do these reflect the reality of your pregnancy? Let me know your pregnancy expectations vs reality experiences in the comments below.

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  1. I enjoyed your post. Of course non of us are perfect, all we can do is try our best for our children. This post was funny but true and I enjoyed reading it, keep up the good work! 👍

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